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Cherry Zoap Auto Flowering Seeds

Introducing Cherry Zoap Auto, a remarkable cannabis strain created from the latest and most sought-after genetics. This exceptional strain offers a delightful fruity and pungent smell, coupled with an exquisite taste that will please even the most seasoned cannabis enthusiast. One of the standout features of Cherry Zoap Auto is its distinct aroma. Combining the strong, powerful scent of zoap with the smooth, creamy, and fruity fragrance of Cherry Garcia, also known as Cherry Gar-See-Ya, results in a truly unique and captivating scent profile.

Furthermore, Cherry Zoap Auto boasts impressive potency. This easy-to-grow autoflowering strain produces a generous yield of dense buds that are abundant in THC. Its effects are well-balanced, providing a harmonious experience that uplifts and relaxes. If you desire a strain that offers exceptional taste and potency, Cherry Zoap Auto is certainly worth a try. Its extraordinary blend of fruity and pungent aromas is guaranteed to delight, while its well-rounded effects make it suitable for any time of day. Don't miss the opportunity to try this outstanding strain and discover its exceptional quality for yourself.

Cherry Garcia x Zoap S1

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Rated: 7/10 based on 2 ratings by our customers

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Fruity, pungent
THC Content:
Cherry Garcia x Zoap S1
Harvest Month:
11 Weeks
Flowering type:
Indica / Sativa (50% Indica, 50% Sativa)
Indoors 550-650 gr/m2
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