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This potent Indica strain of cannabis seeds grows quickly and densely, offering a delightful blend of fruity aromas, including strawberries and cherries, with a sweet candy-like undertone. The leaves transition from deep green to vibrant shades of red and pink during flowering, resulting in compact, rock-solid buds that often boast a striking bright pink color alongside copper-colored hairs. To add to its allure, the buds are covered in a layer of potent, crystal-like trichomes. While this strain leans towards the Indica side, its effects are surprisingly uplifting and blissful. It initially brings a sense of physical relaxation, gradually leading to feelings of enlightenment and positivity.

Stardawg x Auto Runtz

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THC Content:
Stardawg x Auto Runtz
Harvest Month:
55-60 Days
Flowering type:
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