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Purple Mazar Autoflowering Feminised Seeds
Purple Mazar Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

Flash seeds Purple Mazar Feminised is a re-invention Mazar Afghani in an auto-flowering feminised cannabis seed. This particular strain is cut with the iconic Purple Passion and takes on that variety's regal deep purple hue. It represents all the best of what classic Mazar has to offer; it produces an effect that is long-lasting and relaxing. It is regarded by many to be an effective treatment for the symptoms of anxiety depression.

Purple Mazar shows notable improvements over the original. This sativa-dominant hybrid variety is 60% sativa to 40% indica. Its flavour and aroma are very pleasing and the average plant produces yields that are far superior to other auto flowering strains. The end product is very potent and produces a long-lasting effect.

The plants form a single, large primary cola which houses a number of sizeable buds. These buds become coated in a heavy layer of crystalline resin as the plants mature. The THC content is very high. This makes Purple Mazar more potent than average. The high is very invigorating and the smoke has a very pleasant, mellow aroma. It showcases well all the finest attributes of the original Afghani. Its flavour is light - not as hashy as classic Afghani - but also very tempting and robust.

Growers who have worked in the past with Afghani should feel very comfortable working with these seeds. The plants grow nicely indoors and they respond well to any popular growing method. The plants grow to a medium height but remain relatively compact. This makes them easy to distribute light to all parts of the plant. The plants flourish outdoors in moderate climates and produce above-average yields. These results increase in areas with longer growing seasons. Harvest is mid-October at the latest in the Northern hemisphere if growing outdoors.

Please remember that the growing of cannabis plants and the cultivation of seeds is illegal in some countries - please check the laws of your country and don't be growing any plants if it is against your country's laws.

Flash Seeds
Flash Seeds Cannabis Seeds


CBD Content:
Low (0-1%)
Body, Long-lasting, Relaxing, Sleepy
Flowering time:
70 - 75 days
Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Medical conditions:
Insomnia, Stress
Plant height:
40 - 100 cm
Mostly Indica
Seed type:
Auto Flowering Seeds
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