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Dutch Passion
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Skywalker Haze Auto Flowering Seeds

The Dutch Passion team has created an incredibly potent autoflowering Haze strain by combining Skywalker Haze with Auto Amsterdam Amnesia. This sativa dominant strain is highly regarded in the industry and has the potential for XXL harvests. The buds are covered in crystals and emit a strong lemony, sweet aroma. Although some plants may slightly foxtail, the overall appearance remains stunning. Outdoors, this strain can reach heights of over two meters, which is exceptional for an autoflower. Typically, it takes about 12 weeks from seed to fully mature plants, but there are two phenotypes that may require 13 to 14 weeks. Dutch Passion is thrilled with the outcome of crossbreeding old-school and new-school genetics and encourages you to try it for yourself.

Skywalker Haze x Auto Amsterdam Amnesia

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Strong lemon
Skywalker Haze x Auto Amsterdam Amnesia
Harvest Month:
12 Weeks from seed
Flowering type:
Mostly Sativa
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