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Dutch Passion
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Auto Trichome and Cream

When you combine a high-quality strain of cannabis called Cookies & Cream with one of Dutch Passion's top autoflower varieties, the result is truly impressive. The autoflower plant that emerges from this crossbreeding is incredibly potent and covered in shiny trichomes, making it one of the most trichome-dense autoflowers Dutch Passion has seen.

This vigorous plant produces medium to large-sized flowers, with one phenotype displaying beautiful purple hues. As the plant grows, it emits a fruity scent, and once the buds are properly dried and cured, they release a doughy and creamy aroma. When smoked or vaped, this strain offers a soft and sweet taste that lingers on the tongue.

The plant's structure is not overly bushy, which makes trimming a pleasurable task. As you carefully remove the sugar leaves from the glistening flowers, you'll find it incredibly satisfying. Additionally, the trimmings you collect can be used to create hash, resin, rosin, or ice-o-lator.

Overall, this autoflower strain, known as Auto Trichome & Cream, is a remarkable choice for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a potent and visually stunning experience.

Cookies & Cream (Starfighter x Girl Scout Cookies) x Autoflower

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CBD Content:
THC Content:
Cookies & Cream (Starfighter x Girl Scout Cookies) x Autoflower
Harvest Month:
10-12 Weeks from Seed
Flowering type:
Indica / Sativa
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