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Critical Mass Collective
Critical Mass Collective
Mendo Mass Auto Flowering Seeds

Introducing a remarkable cannabis seed strain that produces chunky, deep purple buds with a strong resinous quality. This plant showcases numerous nodal sites along its branches, creating a compact and attractive appearance. Its dark, thin serrated leaves contribute to its symmetrical branching structure. This strain, known as the northern Cali Purp, thrives indoors and outdoors, delivering solid results. Outdoor yields can surpass 160g per plant, and it responds well to a SOG setup and gentle canopy defoliation. By combining Monster Mass and Auto Big Bud, we have accelerated flowering speed and increased production, resulting in a prized Purple hybrid with a potent 19% THC content.

In terms of aroma, this strain offers a sweet and intense scent with hints of black liquorice, dark grape, and molasses. Subtle notes of Cola and sweet rose add to its complexity. The taste profile is dominated by gentle grape and berries, accompanied by intense floral flavors. Aniseed, earthy hash, and exotic woods contribute to the exhale. These flavors linger in the mouth for an extended period.

When it comes to its effects, this strain provides a powerful and medicinal high that is particularly effective in calming nerves during stressful situations. It initially offers a subtle experience, gradually transitioning into a heady and sedative effect reminiscent of hash. It is also highly suitable for meditation.

Regarding bag appeal, this strain is seriously resinous, with sticky trichomes covering its dark green and purple buds, resembling a distant galaxy. The buds have a medium density and vary in color from light to dark purple, occasionally displaying shades of pink and red. They emit a strong aroma of musky grape and high-quality hash.

Monster Mass x Mendocino Purple x CMC Big Bud Auto

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Sweet, black liquorice, grape, molasses
THC Content:
Monster Mass x Mendocino Purple x CMC Big Bud Auto
Harvest Month:
70-80 Days
Calming nerves
Flowering type:
Indica / Sativa
Indoors 550 gr/m2, Outdoors 100-170 gr/pp
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