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Critical Mass Collective
Critical Mass Collective
Blutonium Mass Auto Flowering Seeds

The scent of Auto Blutonium cannabis seeds is reminiscent of wild blueberries, flowers, and fruits, similar to the photoperiod version. The addition of Nuken brings a sweet, nutty, marshmallow element that complements and softens the aroma. It's almost like the sweetness of ice cream layered over tangy berries, creating an irresistibly delicious smell.

When it comes to taste, Auto Blutonium delivers a similar experience as the smell, especially upon exhaling. It offers a smooth and syrupy flavor with notes of ice cream, candy, and floral sweetness. The fruitiness overpowers any skunky taste, resulting in a well-balanced and unique taste profile that distinguishes it from other fruity strains.

In terms of effects, this strain provides a long-lasting and enjoyable high. It is particularly effective for relieving pain and promoting a meditative state. The high starts at the top of the spine and gradually moves down, leaving the user feeling happy, positive, and in a dream-like state. The Nuken strain is known for encouraging positive philosophical thinking, and our hybrid certainly exhibits a more spacey and metaphysical high.

When it comes to bag appeal, Auto Blutonium buds are of medium density and have a fairly round shape. They appear somewhat alien with their minty and neon green hues, which seem to glow beneath a sticky layer of bright trichomes and copper hairs. Each nug is of high quality, and even our Autoflowering version retains the strong aroma when the bag is opened.

Monster Mass (Critical Mass x Critical +) x Blueberry Nuken

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Wild blueberries, floral, fruit, sweet, nutty, marshmallow
THC Content:
Monster Mass (Critical Mass x Critical +) x Blueberry Nuken
Harvest Month:
70-80 Days from seed
Flowering type:
Indica / Sativa
Indoors 500-550 gr/m2, Outdoors 100-180 gr/pp
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