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Cream of the Crop
Creamofthe Crop
Cash Crop Auto Flowering Seeds

Introducing Crop Circle, an extraordinary blend of colours and flavors that is out of this world. This auto hybrid is visually captivating, with mesmerizing clusters of amber trichomes that sparkle against a backdrop of purple, blue, mauve, and green, resembling a distant galaxy or a hazy nebula. Its distinct aroma is a unique combination of earthy soil, overwhelming floral scents like a fresh bouquet, and hints of tropical coconut and lime. When vaporized, the effects of this strain are truly astronomical, delighting both hash enthusiasts and space cake connoisseurs. Get ready to be transported to deep space, surrounded by intergalactic ganja clouds, and craving a Milky Way or Mars.

Lavender x Hawaiian x Cream Cheese

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Earthy soil, overwhelming floral notes, tropical coconut and lime
THC Content:
Lavender x Hawaiian x Cream Cheese
Harvest Month:
55 Days
Flowering type:
Mostly Indica
Indoors 800 gr/m2, Outdoors 80 gr/pp
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