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Purple Punch Auto Feminised Seeds

Purple Punch Auto is a high-THC strain of cannabis seeds. When grown indoors, these plants typically reach a height of 70-90 cm and complete their life-cycle in about 60-70 days. Yields indoors can be expected to be around 350-400 gr/m2. Outdoors, plants grow slightly taller at 90-110 cm and can be harvested between April and November, depending on local weather conditions. The buds of Purple Punch Auto display attractive purple hues. With a fruity flavor and a THC production of 19%, this strain is known for its potency.

Purple Punch x Ruderalis

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CBD Content:
THC Content:
High (15-20%)
Purple Punch x Ruderalis
Plant height:
Medium (100-200cm)
Flowering type:
Mostly Indica
Medium (200-450gr/plant)
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