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Auto Seeds is one of the world's first autoflowering specialists, with the Auto Seeds team first taking hold of the original "Lowryder" grossralis genetics on a trip to Switzerland in 2008.

The idea that you could grow a weed plant from seed to bud in less than 2 months really sparked our imagination. Auto Seeds spent every day from then until today working to develop and gather the highest quality genetics, while still keeping true to the initial dream of a 'great bud, easy to grow; fast!
Our breeders never stop looking for the best genetics in the world, wherever they may be.

The skill and experience that comes from working with self-flowering plants for more than 10 years means that we know how to get the most out of every variety.
We specialise in the development of bespoke strains that are easily accessible to all, whether high THC or CBD, high yields or specific medical benefits, are constantly innovating and improving our range for the benefit of all.
Why do we love so much about cars?  Well, all this goes back to the amazing properties that the grosseralis gene line possesses: ease, speed and flexibility. They 're super easy because they don't need different lighting settings, and when they're outdoors, they can grow pretty much anywhere they get sunlight and won't get too cold. Man, it's fast!


Most Autos can be planted and harvested in 2 months. With a Photo Period plant, you'll have at least 6-8 weeks of flowering ahead of you, if not more! Flexible, adaptable, and lots of other words that end up in "Ible."


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Auto Seeds

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