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Sweet Mix Auto Feminised Seeds
Sweet Mix Auto Feminised Seeds

Talk about a sweet deal! Sweet Seeds has such an abundance of great auto-flowering varieties that sometimes they just can't keep them contained. When that happens, they wrangle up the renegades and drop them in lovely 10-seed mystery packs.

Not all of these packs are created equal; in fact, it's impossible to tell what strains will show up. The good news is that automatics share some good, common traits that make it easy to determine if they'll work out in a given growing situation.

For starters, all automatics have Ruderalis genetics. These genes translate into relatively small plants, even if they're all-sativas. This means that autos will work in almost any growing situation - indoors, outdoors, greenhouses, take your pick.

Next, each strain brings with it its own traits so one could wind up with a very interesting-looking (and smelling) grow room or garden. The variety of looks and smells is just the beginning. Experienced growers should be able to identify certain characteristics as the plants mature and maybe even identify a few of the strains early on.

Finally, and arguably most importantly, automatics eliminate a good deal of guesswork, particularly with lighting. Since they follow genetic triggers as opposed to shifts in light to flower, they can be easily grown in a multi-strain environment. Grow one at a time or plant all 10 and watch what kind of magic transpires.

Outdoor plants will often flower at different times but will rarely, if ever, keep the grower waiting until specific times of year. Plant after the threat of frost in spring and harvest before the first threat of frost in the fall and all should be right with the world (and the plants!). New to growing cannabis? This pack is a great place to start. It doesn't get easier than an automatic.

Sweet Seeds
Sweet Seeds


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