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Royal Creamatic Auto Feminised Seeds

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Royal Creamatic Auto Feminised Seeds

Royal Creamatic Automatic is a cross of the popular Spanish Cream Caramel strain with the best auto-flowering plants of RQS.

This is an indica-dominant (60 per cent) automatic strain with a very short duration of seed-to-harvest.

The Caramel Cream strain used in this auto-flowering development programme is itself a 3-way hybrid of BlueBlack, Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino.

These are all powerful cannabis strains and the use of this combination for Royal Creamatic gives a very similar taste and effect.

It can be grown in almost all environments, and it will develop one main bud with little obvious side-breaking.

Cultivated indoor plants will reach a height of between 60-80 cm. With yields of 400-450 gr/m2 harvested in a remarkable 7-8 weeks after germination.

Outside, these plants will grow a little taller, 80-100 cm, producing up to 165 gr/plant.

When grown outdoors in warm climates, at least two crops per year may be grown consecutively and in some regions as many as three crops may be grown in one growing season, especially if the next crop is staggered before the previous crop is harvested.

Its compact structure makes it easy to hide or camouflage in gardens or balconies.

The buds are very dense and have a generous resin coating that shines and shimmers as the light captures them.

It has a very intense sweet caramel flavour similar to Cream Caramel with a THC production of 15% and a medium CBD content.

The effect is strongly physical and has powerfully relaxing properties.

Cream Caramel x Autoflowering strains


CBD Content:
Medium (1-5%)
Body, Physical, Powerful, Relaxing
Flowering time:
7 - 8 weeks
Cream Caramel x Autoflowering strains
Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Plant height:
60 - 100 cm
THC Content:
Mostly Indica
Seed type:
Auto Flowering Seeds
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