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Royal Queen Seeds
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Mix Auto Feminised Seeds

Autoflowering Mix is a pack of mixed automatic seeds from Royal Queen that comes in packs of three or five seeds.

Because of their auto-flowering ability, they may be grown virtually anyplace, inside and outdoors, and will blossom without the photoperiod decrease required by non-auto cannabis strains. 

They can even be left in constant light without hurting the beginning or continuation of flowering, while supplying more than 20 hours of light per 24 hours provides no further benefit.

These mixed cannabis seeds packs contain the following strains:

Pack of 3 seeds: 1 x Royal Kush Automatic (#1), 1 x Diesel Automatic (#2), 1 x Quick One (#3).

Pack of 5 seeds: 1 x Royal Kush Automatic (#1), 1 x Diesel Automatic (#2), 1 x Quick One (#3), 1 x Royal Jack Automatic (#4), 1 x Royal Bluematic (#5).

All of the strains listed above have a complete grow cycle of less than 10 weeks from germination to harvest. 

Check out the details for all of the aforementioned strains on the Royal Queen Seeds category page to learn more about each of them.

Mixed Automatic Strains


CBD Content:
Flowering time:
6 - 8 weeks
Mixed Automatic Strains
Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Seed type:
Auto Flowering Seeds
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