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This particular cannabis plant, known as Indica, produces compact and crystallized buds that emit a potent fragrance. Originally sourced from Afghanistan, the seeds were later crossed with a potent strain called Northern Light, allowing for successful cultivation indoors. This specific variety is exceptionally suitable for indoor production due to its minimal scent and high yields, providing a strong and impactful experience. When consumed, it induces a powerful and relaxing sensation that can make individuals feel as if their feet are heavy or immobile. Consequently, people often find themselves sliding their feet instead of lifting them, particularly when moving between rooms or from the television to the kitchen, thus earning it the name Slyder. It is best enjoyed within the comfort of one's home on leisurely Sundays. So, take a moment to smoke and enjoy another puff, allowing yourself to drift into an alternate reality.

Afghanistan x Northern Light

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Flowering time:
55-60 days
Afghanistan x Northern Light
Flowering type:
Indoors 300-325 gr/m2 (dried)
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