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Pineapple Express Feminised Seeds

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Pineapple Express Feminised Seeds

Everything you've heard about this strain is true. Pineapple Express is a tantalising plant. It develops a single firm cola that presents with stunning red-brown and gold flecks.

Couple that with the abundance of shimmering crystal resin and you get a plant that is a hypnotic spectacle that tells tales of the good times that are sure to come. These plants are so beautiful, in fact, the very look of them is intoxicating.

An expert cross between Skunk #1 and Cheese, these two regal parent strains come together to create a true masterpiece. The look and shape of this plant and its distinct growing habits are the result of some of the best breeding efforts.

The buds produce an aroma that is rich and sensual with a particular note of sweetness. When lit, that aroma intensifies and brings forth a rush of fruity flavour that lingers pleasantly on the palate.

Indulge in the sensation of tropical island breezes and warm rolling surf. This is a smooth, delicious smoke that delivers a pure, mellow high along with a truly dreamy effect that evokes those kinds of mental images.

The feeling one gets from Pineapple Express speaks well of its parentage. It is one of the most complex modern strains that different people describe in different ways in terms of its effects.

If you're looking for a great-tasting strain that reduces stress and delivers a warm, light, full-bodied effect.

Topping out at only 40-50 cm in height, Pineapple Express is very small and petite. This makes it an ideal strain for those having to grow in tight quarters.

Even the smallest of grow spaces and setups can accommodate them. They flower in under 60 days with an average yield of 15-20 g per plant. It has both high THC and CBD content making it a great medical strain as well.

Big Bud x Skunk


CBD Content:
Cerebral, Relaxing
Flowering time:
8 - 10 weeks
Big Bud x Skunk
Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Plant height:
100cm - 150cm
strong lemony
Indica / Sativa
Seed type:
Feminised Seeds
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