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Blackberry OG Feminised Seeds

Emerald Triangle
Emerald Triangle Cannabis Seeds
Blackberry OG Feminised Seeds

This strain is a combination of three amazing strains; Black Domina, Very Berry and Lost Coast OG Kush. This strain is definitely Indica dominant and is best known for its amazing flavour and smell.

It has a powerful scent of berries, sweets, and ripe fruit. It grows large, dense buds that are absolutely coated in resin. It is extremely resistant to powdery mildew and mould which is perfect for outdoors growing in humid areas.

When it is grown indoors it may need good air circulation just to make sure it stays as healthy as possible.

Blackberry OG is a feminised strain, this means that it will likely be of a better quality than a regular strain. It also means that growers don't have to faff around with the male plants.

The males usually have to be removed during the flowering process, wasting around half of the seeds in a regular crop. Feminised seeds can save a huge amount of money, time and effort for growers whilst improving the uniformity of the crop.

For these reasons a lot of breeders also prefer to use feminised seeds. If a female is stressed correctly she can produce female pollen, this pollen can then be used to fertilise another female. This breeding method is quite tricky and requires a skilled hand.

This strain should be harvested in mid - late September and can be grown indoors and outdoors.

Keep in mind that the cultivation of cannabis is illegal in several countries. Please check the laws of your country before attempting to grow cannabis seeds.


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Black Domina x Very Berry x Lost Coast OG Kush


CBD Content:
Black Domina x Very Berry x Lost Coast OG Kush
Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Mostly Indica
Seed type:
Feminised Seeds
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