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Dutch Passion
Dutch  Passion  Breeder
Sugar Bomb Punch Feminised Seeds

Sugar Bomb Punch is a great name for a punch. THC Bomb was crossed with another cross of Critical Orange Punch and Bubba Island Kush to generate this Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. 

Buds are lavishly coated in sticky resin, giving them the appearance of being dipped in sugar, and the end result carries a powerful punch.

Dutch Passion has once again triumphed thanks to its unique combination of extremely high THC levels and massive yields that produce both quality and quantity, Because this is mostly for indoor cultivation, the plants remain squat. 

Flowering takes roughly 9 weeks in total, and the resulting buds are extraordinarily densely packed, to the point where a small bud that might be enough for a joint will actually be enough for two when ground up.

There are four main pheno-types produced, with the shortest one being the highest quality. Before harvest, all phenos' leaves will likely develop a very black colour. 

These dank buds, which contain 20% or more THC, produce a euphoric and couch-locking sensation.

THC Bomb x (Critical Orange Punch x Bubba Island Kush)

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CBD Content:
THC Content:
Flowering time:
63 days
THC Bomb x (Critical Orange Punch x Bubba Island Kush)
Grows indoors
Flowering type:
Mostly Indica
Couch Lock, Euphoric, Strong
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