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D'oh Si D'ohpe Feminised Seeds

D'oh Si D'ohpe is the result of crossing Super Skunk with excellent clones of the Do-Si-Dos phenotype of the US strain GSC. 

This new strain has increased yields, shorter completion times, more strength and a more powerful flavour, making it a very interesting new strain for Girl Scout Cookie fans.

D'oh Si D'ohpe is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growth, flowering in 7 to 8 weeks indoors and growing to a height of 100 to 150 cm, with yields of 500 to 600 grammes per square metre. 

Outdoors, these plants can reach a height of 150-300 cm, with harvest expected in the first half of October.

THC production is rather high, at roughly 20%.

GSC Do-Si-Dos pheno x Super Skunk

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CBD Content:
THC Content:
Flowering time:
49 - 56 days
GSC Do-Si-Dos pheno x Super Skunk
Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Plant height:
Indoors: 100 - 150 cm; Outdoors: 150 - 300 cm
Flowering type:
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