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Female Collection #3 Feminised Seeds

For all the growers and breeders out there who are still trying to find their perfect strain fear no more. Here is a lovely little selection of feminised strains which can be grown together.

Perfect for anyone who's looking to try something new, find their favourite plant or who even just likes a little bit of variety in their garden. The three seeds contained within this collection are; 00 Cheese, Chocolate Cream and Sweet Soma.

00 Cheese is essentially what one might expect, a classic Cheese strain. Since its conception 1980s Britain there have been few plants quite as popular as Cheese.

Known for its pungent smell and intense taste, Cheese should be a staple of every growers garden.

Chocolate Cream is another classic looking strain which is compact and has a short flowering time. Its effect is relaxing for both body and mind, perfect for anyone who fancies a day on the couch. It also gets its name from its taste and scent which are both distinctly chocolatey.

Finally Sweet Soma, a vigorous and productive Indica dominant strain. Another sweet smelling beauty with a touch of fruit to it. The effect of this strain is intense and will last for quite a while.

All of these seeds are feminised which simply means that they will only grow into female plants. For a mix this is ideal as it means they can all be grown together without any fear of cross pollinating.

In fact the males would usually need to be removed before the flowering stage which is a waste of time, money and effort for the grower. Feminised seeds are often of a better quality and will produce beautifully uniform plants which will reward even the newest growers.

These plants, if grown indoors, will usually hit yields of 400 g/m2 and will be ready to harvest after just 60 - 70 days. If they are grown outdoors they should be harvested in October and will reach a height of 80 - 300 cm depending on where they are grown.

Please keep in mind that the cultivation of cannabis is illegal in several countries.


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CBD Content:
Flowering time:
60 - 70 days
Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Plant height:
Indoors: 80 - 100 cm; Outdoors: 200 - 300 cm.
Flowering type:
Mostly Indica
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