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Will Your Country Ever Legalise Cannabis?

Vault  LegalisationOver the past century, ‘cannabis’ has been a dirty word in many countries, despite the fact that this naturally-occurring plant was once ubiquitous in more liberal times.

As of the early 21st Century, attitudes towards this natural herb have been slowly changing, with an increasing number of territories throughout the globe rethinking their cannabis regulation laws.

If you are wondering whether or not you’ll ever see the day when cannabis is legalised in your territory, that day may not be too far away…

We all know about the legal status of cannabis in the Netherlands, but right now, a revolution is occurring across the planet, as an ever-increasing number of people wake up to this herb’s massive potential as a medicine and a safer, less socially-damaging alternative to alcohol-based consumables.

With the addition of territories like Uruguay and even US states like Colorado proving to the world that legalisation can and does work, it seems that the dark days of prohibition might soon be coming to a close, with many speculating that much more widespread legalisation may only be a decade away.

Let’s take a look at some shining examples of modern locales whose attitude towards marijuana are becoming more liberal…


In the UK cannabis was decriminalised between 2004 to 2009 meaning that cannabis was classified from a class B drug to a class C drug. This meant that it was legal to possess cannabis and you could no longer be arrested for possession. Although cannabis was reclassified as a class B drug in 2009, it can be seen that the British government no longer fears the use of cannabis and when a more liberal-minded government is back in power there could be a possibility that cannabis will be legalised in the future. Although marijuana is not legal in the UK, Cannabis seeds such as Greenhouse Seeds and Sensi Seeds are legal to buy and sell; however they are not allowed to be germinated. Watch this space for an update on when this law changes.

The Netherlands

Vault  NetherlandsAs a modern, highly developed nation with a thriving economy, excellent standard of living and an important presence on the world stage, The Netherlands is a shining example of how a developed country can enjoy an enviable level of success whilst maintaining a liberal attitude towards cannabis.

In fact, by treating its citizens as adults, lawmakers in The Netherlands have managed to contradict the speculation of many anti-cannabis activists in a number of key areas:

  • Legalisation doesn't mean increased usage: The average usage percentage of cannabis in The Netherlands is lower than in Italy, The USA, Canada, Australia and Spain, despite the fact that it is readily available: This goes to show that legalisation does not automatically mean that usage rates will skyrocket.
  • Drug-related deaths won't necessarily sky-rocket: The Netherlands is known to have one of the lowest rates of drug-related deaths in Europe.
  • Cannabis legalisation doesn't equate to a lower standard of living: In fact, Dutch citizens have a lot to be proud of, living in a country which regularly ranks within the top 15 countries on the planet based on GDP (PPP) per capita.


As a country with perhaps the most relaxed laws in the world relating to cannabis cultivation, distribution and consumption, Uruguay is being keenly watched by the global community, as governments everywhere seek inspiration in the struggle to combat the horrors of organised crime and drug trafficking.

By taking a stand against cartels and their narcotic-slinging minions, the Uruguayan government has made every effort to ensure that its citizens can enjoy state-controlled, officially-licenced produce from reputable producers, at fair prices: Isn’t that what everyone would like?


Whilst only 2 out of 50 states in the USA currently allow the legal use of recreational marijuana (with the herb maintaining its illegal status on a federal level) there is little doubt that change is in the air;

  • Over the past few decades, medical marijuana has made waves in the states, with increasingly relaxed laws relating to this potent treatment allowing doctors in many territories to prescribe specially-controlled quantities of the herb to their patients
  • Washington and Colorado have recently legalised recreational cannabis, leading to a massive boom in tourism and a boost to their economies.
  • With cannabis dispensaries now outnumbering big-brand coffee shops across the more liberal states, a billion dollar inductry has now been created whcih will revitalise communities, rather than causing the social decay which many scaremongers have incorrectly predicted.

Will Your Territory Be Next?

Unless you are living in a country or territory which currently has extreme measures in place to prohibit cannabis, there is a very good chance that marijuana legalisation could be a very real prospect in your home-turf in coming years.

It has been a long time coming, but public opinion is rapidly changing everywhere from Tennessee to Timbuktu as more evidence comes to light regarding the impact of cannabis on society and its potential as a force for good.

If you live in a territory where cannabis seed collecting is legal, The Vault possesses a comprehensive range of strains which will add some real gusto to your collection: Holding onto precious cannabis genetics is vital for a future in which the herb is legalised.