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Sativa and Indica Strains

9a  Sativa  And  Indica  Cannabis  StrainsWhen it comes to the cannabis plant there are many variations on genetics and strains. In general it is agreed that there are two main strains, the sativa and the indica. These strains differ considerably in plant type, high, and effect on the human body. Often sativa strains are seen as a little more useful and a lot more fun than those that are pure indica.

The sativa cannabis plant has a rather lengthy exterior. It will grow to a much greater height than the indica strains and its leaves are longer and thinner. Usually these plants will grow from 8ft to 12ft although some have known to reach even more astonishing heights of about 25ft. The branches are also rather lengthy and can grow around 4ft out from the central stem of the plant.
The buds too are long and slender, far less clustered together than those of an indica strain lessening the likelihood of mould. Sativa will often take longer to grow than the indica strains but most people agree that the wait is worth it.

The high given by the sativa strain is one of an energetic bubbly nature, usually preferable to most. Many people see sativa strains as being of a better quality than the indica, most enjoy the cerebral high more than the couch lock brought on by indica strains. Rather than feeling useless and unmotivated they feel excitable and ready to go. This high appears because pure sativa strains have a lower level of THC and therefore are more useful as a medication.

The lower level of THC and higher level of CBD means that the strain will work as a pain killer, an anti-inflammatory, an appetite aid, as well as having many other amazing uses which are still being discovered. Some scientists believe that CBD high medical strains can even slow the passage of Cancer or AIDS which is pretty damn impressive. This is because the CBD cannabinoid in the sativa strain clings to little receptors in our body, this can help with bone strengthening in osteoporosis patients as well as creating a stronger immunity in certain cells to some of the more terrifying diseases. All in all it really is a very clever plant.