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Medical Marijuana Breakthroughs

Over the last few years medical marijuana has been the subject of many studies and experiments. Previously marijuana was known to act as pain relief and as a way to maintain an appetite when suffering from cancer or aids etc. but low and behold it has been found to have some even more useful properties than we thought.

Medical marijuana has been proven to inhibit HIV cells. The CB-1 and CB-2 receptors on immune cells can be activated by medical marijuana which causes an immune response. All of this basically means that medical marijuana can slow the AIDS virus right down and has given scientists a fair few new ideas on how to go about curing it all together.
Not only this but marijuana has been found to be significantly more helpful than just acting as a pain killer for many other extremely health issues.

For MRSA and other pathogens which are extremely resistant to antibiotics. Certain cannabinoids have been tested and have been found to have “potent antibacterial activity.” This means that these cannabinoids have worked pretty damn well against these awful mutant infections where antibiotics were unable to help. All this while infections such as MRSA have been so very easy to contract but ridiculously difficult to remove causing a huge number of deaths. It is especially worrying in hospitals as a post-operative infection and the idea that the doctors are closer to finding a cure with the help of marijuana is rather cheering.

The same CB receptors which cannabinoids cling to help slow the process of AIDS has also been found to reduce bone loss in subjects with osteoporosis. This is a healthy and natural way to increase bone health in these subjects without the risks that come with popular osteoporosis medicines, many of which have recalled.

The fact that medical marijuana has been found to be oh so much more than a simple pain killer is certainly a reason to rejoice. Scientists still believe that they are just scratching the surface and there are still many untold health benefits and disease cures to be found in the magnificent plant. The fact that it can still be seen as enough of a danger to our health to be a legal is just a joke and hopefully governments will soon get over the embarrassment of the war on drugs and get on with legalizing at least the medicinal strains of marijuana.