Cannabis Seeds / Comparative - The Vault #TEAMVAULT Tshirt

Comparative - The Vault #TEAMVAULT Tshirt

Comparative - The Vault #TEAMVAULT Tshirt

How to enter the Comparative Grow

Make sure to specify your forum name, your username, and your preference Fems or Autos in the Comments section at the end of the checkout, for example: “George – The Vault, GrassCity, Fems”. Then simply choose the payment option: “Cash or Money Order Payment” to complete your entry.

Please feel free to use this opportunity to take advantage of the FREE delivery with this promotion, to add more seeds to your basket before checking out. If you do not enter your Username you cannot be entered for the Comparative Grow. 

Please Note: This Comparative Grow is only open to genuine, active forum members. Only members with profiles older than 2 months, with 50+ likes and with more than 100 comments/messages will be eligible to enter.

Additionally, participants will not be considered unless they have completed at least one decent quality grow diary

To participate in the Comparative Grow you MUST post pictures and comments to the Comparative thread – failure to do so will rule you out of any future Comparative Grows.

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