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White Widow Auto Feminised Seeds

Auto White Widow is a 5th generation autoflowering marijuana strain developed by combining a female White Widow with Nirvana's own Short Rider male. 

It is a simple automatic strain that grows well inside but can also be grown outdoors in warmer areas and even in a greenhouse. 

Its height ranges between 70 and 130 cm.

Indoors grown In a total growing time of roughly 12 weeks from germination, Auto White Widow will generate between 350 and 450 gr/m2. Outdoors, yields will range from 70 to 140 grammes per plant, depending on local conditions and the amount of sunlight available.

Auto White Widow has a pleasant, spicy, earthy flavour with notes of mint and lime and some woody overtones. 

It produces a lot of THC and a little bit of CBD. 

The effect, like its non-auto counterpart, arrives hard and quick, with a head rush that evolves into a more balanced, soothing body high. It's uplifting, with pleasant feelings of general well-being and relaxation.

It has therapeutic applications in the treatment of stress and depression, as well as pain alleviation and insomnia.

White Widow x Short Rider

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CBD Content:
Medium (1-5%)
Flowering time:
11 - 12 weeks from germination
White Widow x Short Rider
Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Medical conditions:
Depression, Insomnia, Pain, Stress
Medical properties:
Plant height:
70cm - 130cm
Flowering type:
Mostly Indica
Medium, High
Body, Euphoric, Happy, Head, Relaxing, Uplifting
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