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Auto Northern Lights Feminised Seeds
Auto Northern Lights Feminised Seeds

Northern Lights is one of the best known strains over the world, having won numerous awards since its conception. Almost every promising modern indoor cannabis strains have some NL influence.

The finished plant has been described as having a very high flower to leaf ratio, forming compact buds with excellent resin production and producing a good yield.

This exceptional example of a high quality seed is definitely one to have in the collection, especially combined with the feminised and autoflowering properties of the strain.

This particular strain is feminised and autoflowering, making it among the lowest maintenance strains on the market. A grower would be saving money and resources via the feminisation of the seed, as when simply growing the same strain, the male plants are neither needed nor wanted.

They take up unnecessary space, time and money that could have gone towards other, female plants. Feminised seeds mean that a grower would no longer need to dispose of the countless males produced by regular seeds.

Some growers also assume that if a seed is feminised, it cannot be used to breed, however, if an experienced grower wanted to breed, they could do it using the females.

It is a slightly more difficult process to execute, but when done correctly, the resulting offspring will be of a better quality and uniformity, meaning the breeder can have an idea of the quality being produced at all times.

The fact that it is autoflowering also means a dramatic reduction to the flowering period, which, again, saves a grower precious time. It is easy to see why this seed type is so popular.

The flowering period for this strain of Northern Lights is approximately 7 to 9 weeks and it is able to produce a yield of around 200-300 grams per square meter.

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CBD Content:
Medium (1-5%)
Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing
Flowering time:
8 - 9 weeks
Norther Lights Autoflowering
Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Medical conditions:
Depression, Pain, Stress
Plant height:
Short - Medium
Earthy, Pine, Sweet
Mostly Indica
Seed type:
Auto Flowering Seeds
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