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Collection #1 AUTOMATIC Feminised Seeds
Collection #1 AUTOMATIC Feminised Seeds

This exciting collection from Advanced Seeds features 3 seeds each of 3 of their top strains: Afghan Skunk, Critical Soma, and Shark Widow.

Afghan Skunk

A robust, highly-productive, and well-balanced indica/sativa, Afghan Skunk has a flavour and an aroma are each as strong as its effect. The plants are extremely resilient making them a great choice for either outdoor or indoor growing. They stand up to the elements quite well and are resistant to common diseases and pests that can wreak havoc with a cannabis crop. The average plant yields an impressive 400 g per square metre. Indoor plants grow to about 75 cm while outdoor plants can grow to about 300.

Critical Soma

Critical Soma's effect leans in favour of its indica genetics with a potent, head-filling stone. This is a great strain for pain management as well as numerous other medical applications. The plants are very compact - more so than either parent strain - but what they appear to lack in bulk they make up for with singularly impressive bud production. The Critical Mass genes go a long way toward maximising those yields. Expect 300-400 g per square metre on average.

Shark Widow

This is a nearly 100 percent indica with a short flowering period. Most plants finish inside of 60 days. It may seem impossible but it isn't. These plants are lightning fast and produce a great quality end product. Look carefully and once can almost literally see the grass grow! Mature plants grow to a medium height with low branching and produce mass quantities of large, dense buds. Those buds are also exceptionally resinous providing a tantalising look at what is certain to be a very good time ahead. The flavour and aroma are much like the effect: very strong and pronounced and lingering on the senses.

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