Strains of the Week + Giveaway – 8th to the of 15th December 2021

Strains of the Week Giveaway – 8th to the of 15th December 2021

Strains of the Week Giveaway – 8th to the of 15th December 2021


Chilly Wednesday, Team Vaulters!


‘You better roll up
You better not puff
You better not smoke
Yourself all that stuff
Santa Vault is coming to town’


Ho ho ho! That time of the year is coming, and we’re preparing juicy staff for you!


In the meantime, we also have some other nice deals especially for you – The Strains of the Week! And not only happy with that, a wee giveaway to get you in a Christmassy mood!


Tell us which seeds would like to see in the next Strains of the Week, and you’ll qualify to win 4 Big Bud XXL Fem Seeds by Ministry of Cannabis! The Winner will be announced next Wednesday!


Do you want to know more about the seeds that made it this week? Keep scrolling to learn more!


Remember the magic trick – for 15% off the price, please introduce the code ‘SOTW15‘ at the checkout.


Double the seeds, double the love.


Also, we’re adding more and more on-purchase promos every week, so your cart can include also more freebies than the ones we normally offer.


Both breeders and types of seeds may vary depending on the week and the events taking place at the time. This means no week will be the same as the previous one!


We’ll try to please all tastes by selecting carefully strains based on their flavour, THC and CBD content, maximum size, yielding, etc.



The Strains of the Week


Hawaii Maui Waui Feminised Seeds by Nirvana Seeds

prod575 0Nirvana seeds, through careful genetic cultivation over several years, have managed to create the Hawaii Maui Waui feminised seeds which fantastically captures the essence of the Hawaiian Islands and has been a favourite there for quite some time.




Auto Northern Lights Feminised Seeds by Nirvana Seeds

nirvana seeds auto northern lights 0Northern Lights is one of the best known strains over the world, having won numerous awards since its conception. Almost every promising modern indoor cannabis strains have some NL influence.





Blackberry Autoflowering Feminised Seeds by Fastbuds Seeds

Blackberry AutoFast Buds have created this variety for foodies. The mix f flavors offered by this Blackberry create a burst of sensations: spicy, sweet, fruity, wild berries, and pine – an explosive mixture that’s difficult to forget.





Trainwreck Feminised Seeds by Greenhouse Seed Co

Trainwreck Greenhouse 0Greenhouse Seeds Trainwreck is a great-quality 40/60 Sativa-Indica It’s a well-balanced and high-quality hybrid that offers a complex and unique balance in every aspect from the look of the plants to its aroma and flavour to its effect.





Blue Dream’matic Autoflowering Feminised Seeds by Fastbuds Seeds

Blue DreamA´matic 2Blue Dream’matic is a ‘true blue’ budding machine which delivers a euphoric, relaxing and uplifting high. This 2017 auto-flower creation stays true to the Blue Dream classic with sweet earthy notes at early growth, later joined by a sharp berry scent





Liberty Haze Feminised Seeds by Barney’s Farm

LIBERTY HAZEBarney’s Farm Liberty Haze feminised seeds has a long and complex history. There are a number of rumours circulating about its actual origins, but we know who its parents are: the legendary Chem Dawg 91 and G13, both of which are awesome strains in their own right.





Afghan Kush Ryder Autoflowering Feminised Seeds by World of Seeds

world of seeds afghan kush ryder 0This Afghan Kush Ryder strain is a combination of the original Afghan Kush and Ruderalis genetics. This Afghan Kush comes from a range of pure Indica strains which were grown in a small area of the Hindu Kush mountains in Northern Pakistan.





Afghan Kush SPECIAL Feminised Seeds by World of Seeds

wosafganspecial 1 0Afghan Kush Special is a mutant hybrid that was selected for its superior genetics. It began as one of the world’s most hardy landrace strains which, to this day, grows wild in the Hindu Kush mountains.





West Coast O.G. Auto Feminised Seeds by Fastbuds Seeds

West Coast O G AutoOG…a name opulent with meaning: legendary, mysterious origins lost in the mists of lore and time. A strain that retained its championship status due to its fundamental nature, with different varieties consistently awarded the recognition of all major World Cups.





Painkiller XL Feminised Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds

painkiller xl feminised seeds royal queen seeds 0 1This strain, Painkiller XL, is a combination of Juanita La Lagrimosa and Royal Highness. It comes from a rich background of popular strains and is itself really rather impressive.





Green Crack Autoflowering Feminised Seeds by Fastbuds Seeds

Green Crack Auto 1Green Crack Autoflowering is more than a bit special. It combines ease of cultivation with great yields, superb fruity taste and energetic high.





Jack Herer Feminised Seeds by Greenhouse Seed Co

Jack Herer Greenhouse 0This is an all feminised version of the much celebrated and respected Jack Herer plant. The strain was named in commemoration of the famed author and pro-hemp activist Jack Herer, who many consider an integral force in inciting the pro marijuana debate in the USA.





Strains Of The Week TERMS

  • 15% Off The Following Strains
  • This selection of Strains of the Week is valid until the 15th of December 2021.
  • To apply the price reduction please introduce the code ‘SOTW15‘ at the checkout.
  • It cannot be combined with other discounts codes.




  • Promo is live from the 8th to 15th November 2021
  • Entries are verified first so your entry may not show up for 24-48 hours
  • Winner will be updated on this blog post on the closing date of the 15th of December 2021. + we will share the news on our social media pages. The winner will also be emailed directly and your details will remain discreet. We will only publish your name on the blog that is supplied with the entry
  • The prize must be claimed within 28 days or it will be put into the pot for a future promo
  • The results are final



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75 thoughts on “Strains of the Week + Giveaway – 8th to the of 15th December 2021

  1. GSC with that embrace of a summer hay meadow stimulating yer senses, with a slight hint of mild cacao, always does it fer me!
    You see, since the early 70s, the days of Black Moroccan, Afghans and others I can no longer bother to remember, GSC tickles my goat and I be apply to leave the young’uns to be adventurous these days…

  2. Greetings to all here @ The Vault. What a beautiful mix this week, great idea is strain o the week.👍🏻
    I would like to suggest Purple Trainwreck ( Humboldt Seed Co.) It can be a giant if allowed & has a special blend of flavourse the best Gangier would find hard to describe, maybe Derek Gilman.
    I know from personal experience it produces it’s own pools of rosin, like dabs a ready!
    Yule Greetings 🌲🙂

  3. What would get my blood pumping and trying to win in a big way would be ANYTHING from Mephisto genetics because every strain is a crowd pleaser to the last person or most of subcools catalog are sweet sativa crosses are plug has got some WHOA whasthis strains thatll make ya stand up and take notice.But MEPHISTO are #1in the auto game hands down.sorry everybody else.check it and see.stiff and lit,never let down
    thank you,SINcerely,Davil N Gassett

  4. Wedding Cake, Ice Cream Cake, Gelato #33, Lemon Tree, just some of the strains I’d like to see on Strains of the Week
    Cheers everyone and good luck #TeamVault

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