Best Gifts For Stoners: Part 1

Best Gifts For Stoners Part 1

Best Gifts For Stoners Part 1


Well, that’s it, it’s very officially December so it’s probably time to start sorting out gifts. I find present buying to be extremely difficult at the best of times when there is pressure to buy for loads of people at once it can be a real nightmare. It’s far easier if your friend or family member has a specific interest, say maybe smoking weed. If you do happen to have loved ones that like to light up then there is always something you can buy them to improve their smoking experience. Whether it be something useful or just something fun and weird there are buckets of presents available for your cannabis-loving comrades. Let’s have a look at a few different gift categories that will make you the ultimate giver this Christmas. There are just so many categories to cover that I will definitely be needing a part 2. 




Let’s start with something simple for those who like to be loud and proud about their smoking. Merch is everywhere for weed, from funny t-shirts to mugs to wall hangings, socks and much more. Here are just a few items I’ve found online that would make amazing gifts, especially for those people you’re not super close to so you just want something vaguely weed related and not too expensive. 


Glass Mug


I love this adorable TeaHC glass mug that is hand etched and very affordable. One of the great things about buying from Etsy this festive season is that you will also be supporting independent sellers instead of just ordering everything straight from Amazon. This is especially perfect for that person in your life that loves a wake and bake with a nice cup of tea. 


Weed Apron


So I know I just said things about not ordering from Amazon but realistically most of us are massive hypocrites and I am no different. This cute apron is ideal for the baker in the group, anyone who loves getting creative with cannabis cooking. I’m always a fan of a gift that is fun and practical whilst also expressing a person’s hobby. 


Eat Sleep Weed Leggings


I love Redbubble as a company and once again you get to support artists through the company. Plus once I ordered the wrong size of t-shirt and when I tried to change it they said it was too late but sent me the correct size anyway and let me keep the original one as well, so free t-shirt even though it was my mistake. Anyway, I like these leggings because they are adorable, fun and depending on the thickness of the thigh they kind of look like they say “Eat Sleep Wee Repeat” which I think is quite funny. 


Weed Wall Hanging


I’m going to stick with Etsy for this one so we can keep up the artist support. No smoking den is complete without a weed wall hanging. The great thing about Etsy is the number of options. Sure you have your classic weed leaf tapestry but there are some gorgeous slightly less obvious pieces that would be great for a modern smoking room. Have a browse through the wide variety of wall art and hangings available and I’m sure you’ll find something for even the most discerning cannabis-loving artiste. 




Of course, for those you’re maybe a little closer to you might want to get them a cool practical gadget to improve their stoner lifestyle. 


Humidity Storage Jar


This thing is meant for wine to store properly but it is also said on the website that it was made for storing weed. To keep buds as fresh as possible we want to make sure it doesn’t get too humid. Humidity can create mould, even in harvested buds, and can decrease the potency and flavour of the buds. Not only is this a great product but it is extremely pretty to look at, a sleek glass and wood design that will look great on any surface, even on a mantlepiece as a sort of decoration. 


Joint Case


This is a nice cheap option for someone who likes to smoke on the go. It’s essentially a cute little case that comes in a few colours and fits 6 joints as well as a lighter. This is a great gift for smoking on the go but also for going camping or maybe for a hike. Outdoorsy smoking has never been easier. There is even a little compartment below the lighter where you can stash your weed if necessary. 


Smart Grinder and Joint Roller


This is a really nifty little piece of kit that is perfect for the important stoner in your life. This all in one grinder and rolling machine is a great option for smoking on the go or at home, especially if you are having people over. It is charged from a USB port and just one charge can get you between 20 and 30 joints so no need to worry if you are going out into the wilderness for the night. It even has a little window so you can watch as it automatically adjusts to grind your weed and roll you a perfect spliff. It even comes with 20 cones so your lucky recipient can thank you by immediately rolling a magical robot joint. It’s pretty, sleek and easy to use. The only hard thing is going to be not buying one for yourself at the same time. 


Rosin Press


Finally for that friend or family member that likes to make rosin, this neat little press. It may not be the cheapest gift option but compared to other presses out there it is definitely good value for money. This particular press comes extremely highly recommended and has found its way onto a number of top weed gadget lists. This press is small and portable as well as beautifully designed. Not the usual large metal structure that they might be used to. This is definitely the gift for the stoner who already has everything. 


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