The Best Strains For Each Season – Autumn and Winter

The Best Strains For Each Season

The Best Strains For Each Season


Everything changes from season to season, and not just the weather. Obviously, we are talking very generally here as some parts of the world don’t really do seasons. For those of us who do we usually welcome each season with a change. We crack out our autumn jumpers and walking boots, our winter coats and steamy hot beverages, then spring sees us shedding our layers and watching the flowers start to come out and right back to shorts and drinking iced coffee in a park. What’s the point of enjoying all of these lovely changes if you don’t bother changing your weed strains? Just like there are perfect beverages, outfits, activities and holidays for every season there are perfect strains. Some that will perk you right up for a fun summer bbq or will get you good and snuggled on a chilly autumn evening. Let’s have a little look at the perfect strains for autumn and winter. 




Since we have just entered my favourite season let’s have a look at the ideal autumnal strains first. For autumn we want warm comfortable strains that still keep us motivated to get out and do things instead of just snuggling down into bed. 


Northern Lights


Probably one of the most famous strains on the market this is an ideal boy for autumn. It is a relaxing, full-body effect that is still uplifting and exciting. It is has a nice average THC level of 14% which makes it great for outdoor activities like hikes or a food festival. Northern Lights is great for social or solo use so covers pretty much everything you’d want to be doing on a crisp October day. I recommend taking this boy to a park and setting yourself up on a blanket under a tree with a book and a flask of tea. Northern Lights grows well indoors or outdoors in around 9 – 10 weeks. 


Jack Skellington


Obviously, we have to have this spooky strain for my favourite holiday of the year. Halloween is a great time to get high whether you are going to a party or watching scary classics in your house. Somehow this strain is euphoric and calm at the same time. So you can get really amped up for Halloween and ready to get scared without worrying about an anxiety attack. It is Sativa dominant and usually has a fruity and citric flavour. Here this is around the time that it will be dark most of the time so if you struggle with depression in the colder months this is a really great option. This strain has a flowering time of 8 weeks and grows indoors or outdoors. 


Girl Scout Cookies 


This autumnal strain is an absolute classic with a fantastic fully body euphoria with a lovely cerebral hit. This is a great strain for anyone who really struggles with mental health issues in certain seasons. GSC is usually recommended to those suffering from pain, stress, PMS, arthritis, depression as well as a number of other issues. The flavour is one of my favourite aspects of this strain, a combination of chocolate, mint and cookies. The THC level usually hits at around 22% so this is a good indoor strain or great for watching the fireworks on Guy Fawks. Girl Scout Cookies has a flowering time of 8 – 9 weeks and can be grown indoors or outdoors. 


Jack Herer


This final strain is another classic that has a full-body cerebral effect that is long-lasting This is great for lying in a park in a nice big jumper with a boozy hot chocolate. This strain was named after the activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. It has won a large number of awards and is definitely a great snuggly autumn strain. It has a THC level of 20% so it is powerful without knocking the block of a seasoned stoner. It has a flowering time of 8 weeks and can be grown indoors. 




We are going to need something a little different from our winter strains. Something that goes with harsh cold, dark mornings, thick coats and fireplaces. 


Strawberry Cough


Let’s start with something to shoo away those nasty winter blues. This strain is euphoric and uplifting, it is usually recommended to those suffering from anxiety or depression. It only has a THC level of around 10 – 15% THC so it isn’t too powerful. This is a good morning strain if you have to get up and face the dark cold to go run some errands. It’s also great for having some friends over, watching some seasonal films, having a few snacks. Strawberry Cough has a flowering time of just 9 weeks and will grow well indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. 


Tahoe OG


This strain is also suggested for winter because of its Sativa dominant mix. The high is uplifting and positive, again great for the dark winter nights. This is also a great strain for an afternoon smoke and snuggling up under a thick blanket with a cup of tea. This strain has won an award or two and has a delicious scent that is a combination of skunk or lemon. Tahoe OG has a flowering time of up to 10 weeks and grows well indoors or outdoors. 


Gorilla Glue


This final strain is another absolute fan favourite. It is euphoric and happy but also relaxing which is perfect for the dead of winter. This is a great strain for evenings in, playing board games, drinking mulled wine, whatever your winter activities are. Also for a snowy walk through a graveyard which is my winter activity. This strain is also recommended for a number of health issues such as epilepsy, asthma, stress, PMS, migraines, pain and many more. She has a pretty hefty THC level of 24% and all the delicious flavours of citrus, fruit and diesel. Gorilla Glue has a flowering time of 8 – 9 weeks and can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. 


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