Best Strains For Musicians

Best Strains For Musicians

Best Strains For Musicians



Music is a very specific creative skill that can link into so many others. The most common being song writing, crafting lyrics being a very different talent to being able to play music. No matter what, they all fall nicely into the same melodic place in your brain. Creating music can be tricky, and creating poetry can be tricky. Even sometimes just sitting down to play a learned song can be a nightmare if your brain isn’t in the right mood. We can get blocked by pain, stress, anxiety, and other problems that come from just living an average life. So how can you go from a full day of work to writing a song when you get home, or improvising a new piece of music? Maybe you just feel inspired that day which is great, or maybe you have a joint. There is a good deal of evidence to show that cannabis, certain strains anyhow, are capable of aiding creativity in a number of ways. So let’s have a look at some of the very best strains for musicians. 


Dark Chocolate 


This deliciously decadent strain is ideal for anyone who can’t get creative due to serious amounts of stress. Dark Chocolate is known for invoking pure euphoria as well as complete and utter relaxation. This can be great for those who go into creativity through improvisation. If you like to sit back and just play around with notes until something pleases you then this is the ideal strain. It is quite strong without being overwhelming at around 21%. Not only does it wash away all the mental dirt of the day but it is absolutely delicious. It has a rich yet sweet scent and flavour so you will really feel like you are giving yourself a treat. She is also a great strain for listening to music if you work best with a little inspiration. Just lie back and listen while that lovely musical part of your brain is unlocked. 




This strain is famous for its ability to provide full relaxation but still keep an active mind. This strain is often recommended for parties and social events but it’s also the best way to pull a sluggish brain from the creative doldrums. It’s powerful, euphoric and talkative, which makes it amazing for song writing. Cinex has quickly become one of the most popular strains on the market despite the fact that it was actually created by accident. The high has plenty of energy but is extremely focused so also great for professional musicians who might be working on a deadline. Being happy and relaxed is usually the most conducive state to creativity. 


OG Kush


If you want to really get lost in your creative brain to make something special then OG Kush is a fantastic option. This strain is long-lasting, strong, cerebral and physically relaxing. My recommendation is to let yourself kind of mellow out with the physical effects of the strain first. Maybe listen to some music, watch something that you might find inspirational, or just lie there and listen to the music in your brain. Then you can approach your instrument and just get to jamming. Definitely record everything you do and take notes if you can because there is a likelihood that you won’t fully remember what you did. The head-high is extremely creative and that makes this a popular strain amongst musicians, artists and writers. 


Green Crack


This firecracker of a strain comes up in a fair few lists but mostly because it’s extremely versatile. As the name suggests this is a high energy strain that is ideal for those who are unmotivated or pushed up against deadlines. Not only is Green Crack packed with energy but it is extremely cerebral and stimulating. For those of you who don’t necessarily thrive on full relaxation but instead struggle with sluggishness after a long day this is a great creative strain. It will give you plenty of energy as well as stimulating your creativity, who knows what you might be able to accomplish. Not having the energy to do things after work is one of the biggest problems facing creatives. This is a really fantastic solution that should also open up your mind to all of the beautiful music you are capable of creating. 


Durban Poison


This little lady is a fantastic option for anyone who struggles with depression that blocks their creativity. When you’re trying to write but your brain is in that numb space it can be absolutely impossible. Then you risk spiralling because you feel you are no longer capable of doing the thing you love. Durban Poison has the creative energy of some of the other strains but with an added uplifting effect that can pull you straight out of the pits of nothingness. This strain is often used to treat people suffering from mental health issues and so you know it’s effective. It’ll activate your brain, your creativity, and improve your mood. Maybe don’t smoke this if you get your creative drive from being sad like so many artists. However, if you write fun and perky music then definitely have a try. 


Cali Bay Dream


This strain is perfect for jam sessions or recording sessions, especially if you are still working on your material. She is famous for being happy and creative, like some of the others, but she is also incredibly focused. This is the strain for when you need a nice lift but you also need to get your work done. Cali Bay Dream is not for beginners though as her THC level hits around 25%. It’s hardly surprising that she’s so impressive as her lineage consists of OG Kush and Grandaddy Purple, two of the most popular strains on the market. If you have been working all week and have planned a jam session with your band at the weekend Cali Bay Dream will also give you all the energy you need to really create something impressive whilst also being so uplifting that you’re guaranteed to have fun with your band at the same time.


Written by Tasha Porritt


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