Best Strains For Your Big Family Christmas

Best Strains For Your Big Family Christmas 1
Best Strains For Your Big Family Christmas 1

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I don’t know about you lot, but I personally really struggle with large family events. Though I rarely have to deal with my external family I do sometimes have to deal with those of friends and families. Maybe it’s because I’m used to a small family for Christmas and other gatherings but when loads of people are running around talking over each other and avoiding contentious conversation topics, with middling levels of success, I need something to take the edge off. Obviously, not every strain is appropriate for a big family Christmas. It’s also true that different people will require different types of strains depending on the type of family they have. So let’s look through some options that will suit all sorts of family Christmas survival. 


Blue Dream


Let’s start with one of the strains that will probably be the most popular. Blue Dream is amazing for stress and can help you get through the day without it being obvious that you’re high. It has a cerebral, energetic and long lasting effect that will make the day an absolute breeze. It does have a very high THC level of 25% so if you’re not totally used to smoking you might want to take it pretty easy. This is also a medicinal strain so if you are suffering from chronic pain issues this is a great way to silence the pain at the same time as dealing with the stress of the day. 


OG Kush


This strain has a good number of uses on a stressful Christmas day. Medicinally OG Kush is used by those who suffer from extreme stress, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and Parkinsons. That last one might not be as widely relevant but still pretty cool. So I would potentially suggest this for very high stress days when you either have to deal with members of your own family that make you nervous, anxious or angry or indeed if you’ve been invited to a spouse’s or friend’s Christmas and you are terrified of meeting their family. In that scenario probably don’t go ham, you don’t want to be obviously high if you’re trying to make a good impression. I would also definitely recommend this strain for the end of the day when you go home and you need to unwind. This strain is extremely relaxing and will help you wash away the intense stresses of the day. Once again this strain has a pretty high THC level so be careful if you don’t want to be caught stoned. 


Royal Cookies


Like me, there is a chance you have a family that is completely fine with smoking weed. So you might want something that is going to make the day easier but also enhance your enjoyment of Christmas overall. For that I would definitely recommend Royal Cookies. This strain is euphoric and relaxing with a powerful cerebral hit and it’ll make you extremely ready for Christmas dinner. This strain is often used to help those who have issues with their appetite so it’s perfect for smoking right before a big meal. Sure you’ll probably overdo it and not be able to move for the rest of the day but isn’t that all a part of Christmas? The THC level on this one is 23% so another powerful lady. The perfect Christmas strain for the pot friendly family. 




This option is great for people that need some stress relief on Christmas day but definitely don’t want to get too high. Pennywise is a largely medicinal strain due to the fact that it has high CBD and low THC. This means you can have a smoke and not worry about accidentally getting too toasted and alerting the family to your activities. This is also the perfect option for anyone who suffers from anxiety, depression, stress and is actually a great option for those who suffer from other addiction issues and struggle to be around alcohol at Christmas. This strain is fantastic for  helping stay on top of sobriety as it provides a buzz without reducing impulse control. The THC percentage sits at a very low 7 – 11% while the CBD is usually 5% and up. 


Jack Herer


Jack Herer is probably one of the world’s most famous strains named for the famous activist and author. This one I’m suggesting to the people who just want to try and have a fun day even if they aren’t in the mood. Jack Herer is an extremely uplifting strain that will provide a happy energy. It’s usually used by those who suffer from severe depression. With a little of this strain  you’ll be able to chat to relatives, enjoy stupid games and generally feel positive and happy throughout the day. It’s also good if you’re seeing someone else’s family if it’s not your first time meeting them, like a long term spouse’s family Christmas. It can be so hard to chat to extended family or other people’s family but Jack Herer will give you the perky edge you need to be a general delight all day. It has a pretty high THC level of 21% so it can be a little strong if you’re not careful or a regular smoker. 


Pink Kush


Let’s finish with the perfect strain to help you rest after an exhausting day. Pink Kush is one of the best night time strains around and will help you rinse away all that stress, irritation, maybe anger, families can be crazy. This strain relaxes the entire body which is perfect for lying back on the couch and maybe watching a Christmas movie with a loved one before you go to bed. Or if you’re totally over Christmas which I probably would be, it’s ideal for playing video games, watching cartoons and just sinking into the couch under a blanket until you have one of those great couch sleeps that just hits differently to a bed sleep. The effects are pretty intense so definitely save this one till you get home. 


Written by Tasha Porritt


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