What Did You Do, Rudolph?! 25% Off Top Breeders

What Did You Do Rudolph 25 Off Top Breeders

What Did You Do Rudolph 25 Off Top Breeders


But what the heck did you just do, Rudolph?!? This is gonna be the end of us!


Sorry, Team Vaulters. I lost it a bit there.


But Rudolph just screwed us big time. It’s the very last time I smoke a doobie with him. Here’s the thing: I told him I had an idea for our Christmas promo, right? A super discount – 25% Off our Top 12 breeders and all their products. That Barney’s Farm, Phoenix Cannabis Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, Seedsman, FastBuds, Kannabia, Dutch Passion, Greenhouse Seed Co., Sweet Seeds, World of Seeds, Female Seeds, and Sensi Seeds were included. Something like the Twelve Spirits of Christmas but with breeders.


Well, do you know what he did? While high as a kite, he thought the promo was starting TODAY, so he just went on his own, giving discount codes crazily.


Santa, the other reindeer, and I are completely out of words. We don’t know what else to say, honestly.


Well, Team Vaulters, just go out there and enjoy this insane discount before Christmas… what else can I do



  • 25% Off the entire range for the 12 mentioned breeders.
  • Valid until the 21st of December 2022
  • To apply the price reduction please introduce the code ‘WTFRUDOLPH‘ at the checkout.
  • It cannot be combined with other discount codes.


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6 thoughts on “What Did You Do, Rudolph?! 25% Off Top Breeders

  1. Lol, thanks RUDOLPH
    …. Was going to buy some pips in January, but 25% off covers cost of p&p plus taxes.

    Happy Christmas folks

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