What is Photoperiod and why does it matter?

What is Photoperiod and why does it matter

What is Photoperiod and why does it matter




Here at The Vault, we like to delve into the technical side of Cannabis Growing (if your territory permits you growing of course). We’ve delivered some explanatory blog posts in the past and this is another one for you now on the subject of Photoperiod what does it mean and why does it matter?


There is a lot of information about Photoperiod for Cannabis Plants across the internet but we thought we’d give you your own little breakdown so you can refresh your memory or begin to educate yourself on the subject. It matters a lot to the quality of your plant growth so make sure that you read the post in detail but also further your own research using YouTube Videos and dropping into Cannabis Forums and the like.


Let’s jump in and give you some quick and easy explanations to help remind you or teach you if you’re a first-timer.


According to our research, ‘Google’ lets us know the definition of Photoperiod as:


defination of photoperiod


The period of time each day during which an organism receives illumination; day length.


You can also find a nice definition in this YouTube clip from Professor DeBaco…


the importnace of photoperiods



Take a watch and you’ll learn all about photoperiod but also read on for more insights.


So now we’ve introduced Photperiod to you, let’s delve into some other interesting Photo Period Insights…


What does photoperiod flowering mean?


Photoperiod is the relationship between the duration of the light period and the dark period (day/night).  To put it another way, the photoperiod is the length in time of the day and night – but you knew that didn’t you?


This means that depending on the distance from the equator the photoperiods change on earth which means that strains from different sides of the world won’t have the same photoperiod needs. Not as dull as you thought, is it?


Generally, a photoperiod flowering range for a Cannabis Plant is 12 hours dark / 12 hours light.


Photoperiod lights


What is photoperiod sunlight?


Photoperiod refers to the time that a plant or animal is exposed to light in a 24-hour period, as we touched on before. Many types of plants require certain lengths of light exposure to enter various life cycle stages. … Some plants also respond favourably to a longer than natural photoperiod by producing a more abundant harvest yield.


photoperiod sunlight


How can you tell a Autoflower from a photoperiod?


The weed available on the legal and illegal market generally comes from photoperiod strains, but not always.

Autoflowering strains are mainly popular with the smaller home grower. If you’d like to check out the range of auto flower seeds you can do so by clicking here to visit the Vault Website.

Photoperiod strains switch from the growth phase to the flowering stage when they get fewer hours of light per day. In nature, this means that they will start to flower in late summer.

On the flip side, Autoflowering strains are not dependent on the length of daylight at all. They start to flower automatically when they’re a few weeks old (usually 3-4 weeks in most cases). This length of daylight vs. age is the main difference between photoperiod and auto-flowering strains in essence.


photoperiod Class 9


What is photoperiod Class 9?


It is response of an organism to change in day length i.e.photoperiod are related to the duration of sunlight. Growth of plant & flowering are dependent on sunlight .


Are feminized seeds photoperiod?


Yes, you can have either ‘auto’ feminised seeds or ‘photoperiod’ feminised seeds.


Let’s look at x3 different feminised seeds that use the photoperiod method.






Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze


A very citrus like haze, works fast and lasts long.

It is a very powerful high, very balanced between a physical and a cerebral side.

Medicinally effective in pain therapy and appetite stimulation.




White Widow Feminised Seeds from Nirvana


White Widow


White Widow is one of the most popular strains anywhere and it has been duplicated and re-invented by breeders worldwide. In fact, it would be difficult to find anyone who is even a casual cannabis enthusiast who hasn’t tried it or at least knows it exists. This strain has a very specific genetic makeup and it is also highly sought-after as a parent strain for new cannabis varieties by breeders who want to deliver the highest quality coupled with ease of cultivation and superior yields.


And finally, take a look at…


Purple Haze Feminised Seeds by Positronics


Purple Haze


Produced from Mexican, South Indian and Thai variety until the ’70, this plant has an incredible resin development. Produce a clear and energetic high.


This tipically outdoor Sativa is a very, very dark purple, almost black, with medium green leaves, brownish-red hairs, and lightlu coated with crystals. When breaking it up, the buds look like pieces of hash, they are THAT dark! The stems tasste like peppermint and buds smell like chlorophyll, very planty (like fresh cut grass). When smoked the bud tastes like a high grade outdoor Thai. Good for passing around a campfire! The high creeps on you, is spacey and a bit uplifting. Much bettter out of a bong than a joint or a pipe.


Great hybrid vigour, put in blooming as soon as possible.


To shop the range of Feminised Seeds the Vault Offer, go here.


We appreciate this is a quick guide, so if you have your own take or own insight on photoperiod, we’d love to hear them in the comments section below.


cannabis seed plant


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