If Strains of Weed Were Dogs

If Strains of Weed Were Dogs

If Strains of Weed Were Dogs


I know what you’re thinking, and it’s probably along the lines of “what?”. But I put to you that you can tell a lot about a thing by which dog embodies its personality or attributes. Well, you can if you know a bit about dogs. I also put to you that it’s 20 degrees outside, my brain is melting and I’ve been watching dogs for the last half hour whole walking around the city. Therefore this is happening and I definitely suggest that you just sit back and enjoy the ride. These are just a few of our very best and most popular strains with their relevant canine companions. 



Blueberry is definitely one of the most popular strains currently available on the market. I’m pretty sure that Blueberry is a springer spaniel. 

springer spaniel

Photo by Dan on Unsplash


My reasoning being that springer spaniels have a reputation for being happy and playful but also intelligent, supportive and extremely loving. Springers are a joy to be around, they are active and they are exceedingly loyal. Blueberry is a happy and uplifting strain that is fantastic for medicinal use. It is often prescribed to those who are suffering from pain, stress, or anxiety and I just bet those same people would benefit from a springer spaniel. Both the strain and the dog are also classics, Blueberry having been around since the 70s and the springer breed being created in 1801. You can rely on both of them to cheer you up, make you happy, and look after you if you’re feeling a bit rubbish. 


Durban Poison


Durban Poison is another fantastically uplifting and happy strain but with an impressive boost of energy. In my opinion, this makes Durban Poison an Australian shepherd. 

Australian shepherd

Photo by Haoward Nguyen on Unsplash


Aussie shepherds are one of the most energetic breeds around. They are fantastic for anyone who is active, just like Durban Poison. The strain is extremely energetic and is often recommended to those who need something to take during the day. Durban Poison is also versatile and can grow in a wide variety of places. This is very similar to the Australian shepherd that thrives in all sorts of different environments. The other similarity is that Durban Poison is easy to grow as long as you give it plenty of attention. Aussie shepherds will be perfect angels as long as they get lots of structure when being raised. If you don’t pay them enough attention they can get a little huffy. 




You might assume that Ice would be a husky or some other form of snow dog. You would be absolutely wrong. It’s definitely a Bernese mountain dog. 

Bernese mountain

Photo by Jovana Askrabic on Unsplash

You will never meet a more relaxed and friendly breed than the Bernese mountain dog. Similarly, you’ll rarely meet a more laid back and comfortable strain than Ice. The effects are chill, soporific, sleepy and long-lasting. It has a real full-body physical weight to it that will likely feel a bit like having a Bernese mountain dog on your lap. Much like these adorable pups, this strain is also extremely strong. The THC level is usually around 18% so they are about as advisable for first-time smokers as Bernese mountain dogs are for first-time dog owners. Finally, both of them are just ridiculously beautiful. Ice is named for the thick cover of resin crystals that cover the buds and cause them to glint in the light. Bernese mountain dogs are one of the most handsome breeds around with their thick fur and muscular frames. 


Amnesia Haze 


I am completely convinced that Amnesia Haze is a standard poodle. This may sound mad, I mean the entire article might sound mad, but let me explain. 

Standard poodles

Photo by Daniel Savill on Unsplash


Standard poodles are violently intelligent and come 3rd in the list of smartest dog breeds. I actually used to have poodles and they were a handful. Mostly because they were fantastic at opening doors and hiding things that they wanted. Anyway, Amnesia Haze is famous for being a powerfully cerebral and stimulating strain. Most people will use it as a daytime assistant, but if you decide to go for Amnesia Haze you need to be careful. Just like the majestic poodle, this strain is surprisingly strong. I’ve been a poodle bunny hop over a 5ft fence, which I would definitely equate to a THC level of 22%. They are both pretty hardy, Amnesia Haze is pretty much immune to bugs, diseases and other growing issues. Poodles were bred as hunting dogs and so due to their special fur and powerful bodies they can’t be affected by much either. 


White Widow


Finally, one of the most popular strains in the world, White Widow. I reckon that White Widow is absolutely a chow chow. 

chow chow

Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash


These happy buddies are laid back, relaxed and perky. Though they are extremely laid back dogs they also have a little uplifting side. White Widow is a very relaxed and physical strain that also gives the smoker a perky, happy emotional state. White Widow is known for its amazing covering of resin and gorgeous appearance. Again, the chow chow is a magnificent dog. Known for their fluffy fur, little triangle ears, and big blue tongues. They are both quite strong but not over the top with White Widow’s THC level of 14%. When growing White Widow you need to give it a little space, it is quite an independent plant that doesn’t need as much constant watching as other strains. In the same way, chows aren’t the cuddliest dogs and do like to be given their independence. However, they are fiercely loyal and will serve you well over and over, you can rely on a chow just like you can rely on White Widow. 


Hopefully, this article has given you a deeper understanding of these fantastic strains. At least it gave you the most important thing which is pictures of dogs. Have a super day!


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