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World of Seeds Promo

World of Seeds Promo – Click image to enter

These are the voyages of The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store…

Its continuing mission: To bring the very best legal cannabis seeds to its valued customers discreetly and securely, to seek out the most awesome new strains and join forces with the world’s best breeders.  To boldly go where no cannabis seeds store has gone before.

Following on from our recent assortment of incredibly popular promotions, we’ve hooked up with legendary breeders, World of Seeds, to secure a truly amazing prize for 25 lucky winners: Yes, you read that right: 25 of you will be winning big at the close of this spectacular promo!

Our 25 winners will each receive:

  • 1 x World of Seeds Auto Feminised Northern Light x Big Bud Seed
  • 1 x World of Seeds branded grinder
  • 1 x Limited edition Vault t-shirt

How to enter:

Its super simple to claim your chance at winning this great prize: Just like and comment on our promo post on our Facebook page and your name will be entered into our draw.  At the close of the promo (20th Oct), 25 winners will be picked at random.  With so many chances to win, make sure to spread the love and let all your buddies know about what we have lined up!

Good luck!

Wait – there’s more…

Along with our frequent generous promotions where we give out cool prizes to multiple winners at a time, we also regularly announce massive promos where one lucky winner can grab a massive haul of valuable goodies. This is a tradition which we won’t break, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for these incredibly popular events and check back on our site, hit us up on social media, sign up to our newsletter or just give us a buzz for the low-down on what’s going on at The Vault.

Everyone’s a winner, baby

Not only will each of our customers get free seeds with every order – but The Vault is happy to continue in its policy of staying committed to giving away more freebies than any other seeds site.  Whether you win big in our promos or get loads of great free seeds when you order from our website, you’ll be golden as long as you and your friends choose The Vault!

Winners have been announced 20/10/14

Congratulations to the following 25 Winners of The Vault’s WORLD OF SEEDS Promo:

Pete Carruthers
Leah Deery
Murad Ibrahim
Megan Cooke
Marianne Dickson
Raj Singh Saini
Dave Richardson
Joe Of-the Combs-family
Ronald Rae
Crazyvnowners Holden
Leonard Gomez
Shaun Garner
Gary Parkinson
Gregory Bales
Maxwell Fynn
Josh Hood
John Carter
Colin Macdonald
Alexis Erre Erre
Rokefellah Lou Ion Zion
Pepo Miranda
Tininha Tina
Karl Robbins
George Harley Homer
Marek Dvo?ák

Read more details on the related Facebook Post here

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