Best Strains for Post-Op Recovery

Best Strains for Post Op Recovery

Best Strains for Post Op Recovery


Recovering from an operation can be traumatic and physically taxing. Even smaller surgeries can be exhausting and stressful. Recovery times vary from surgery to surgery, but many require a few days or weeks of rest and relaxation. Some will lead to months of slow recovery, physio and other physical issues such as chronic pain. Whatever you’re dealing with after an operation, there are various strains that can aid recovery and reduce the negative symptoms. It’s important to make sure you’re looking after yourself post surgery, so on top of these strains stay hydrated and get plenty of rest. 




This strain is almost always recommended for any kind of medicinal use. It has a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio so is ideal for anyone who needs long term support. It is perfect for daytime use and will not have strong psychotropic effects. The CBD sits at around 5% and the THC at 6 – 7%. Usually, it is prescribed to those who are suffering from nausea, inflammation or muscle spasms which makes it ideal as a recovery strain. This is especially helpful for joint replacements or operations that tend to involve a lot of painful swelling. Cannatonic is also an award winner and has taken 3rd Prize at the Sativa Cup HTCC 2008, 2013 HTCC – CBD Flowers Prize. This strain has a flowering time of 9 – 10 weeks and grows well indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. 


Jack Herer


This strain is famous for its medicinal properties and is often used to combat chronic pain and a loss of appetite. These are extremely common after an operation and can cause issues in recovery and just getting back to a normal routine. The effect is long-lasting and cerebral with a full-body relaxation that is great for recovery. This is not as much of a day strain as Cannatonic and its THC level is around 20 – 21%. However, if you are having trouble eating well or sleeping due to pain it is a fantastic option. Jack Herer was created by combining Red Skunk and Haze. It has won many awards, including 2nd in the 2006 High Life Cannabis Cup (Seed Bank Hydro Haze) and 2nd in the 2006 High Life Cannabis Cup (Grow Shop Hydro Haze). She has a flowering time of 8 weeks and can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. 


Bubba Kush


Bubba Kush is another strain that is well known for its medicinal properties. Usually, it is used for pain relief as well as to aid rest and relaxation. This makes it a fantastic recovery strain. It has a powerful and long-lasting effect that also acts as a sedative. It has won a few awards including 1st place in the Treating Yourself Medicinal Cup Competition in 2010 and 3rd People’s Choice Flowers 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup Denver.  It has a THC level of 18% so is one of the stronger medicinal strains. She definitely shouldn’t be used by those who have anything to get done. If Bubba Kush is cured correctly it also has a unique and delicious scent and flavour. She has a flowering time of 9 weeks and can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. 


White Widow


This strain is one you’ve probably heard of before as she is definitely one of the most famous strains ever created. The effect of this strain is relaxing and invigorating so you can get on with your day even while recovering from an operation. It provides a night little burst of energy without being anxiety-inducing. The other side of the high allows for plenty of rest without being totally zonked out. She is a vigorous grower that produces a thick layer of resin crystals, contributing to the name White Widow. The scent and flavour are bright and summery, reminiscent of flowers and fresh-cut grass. White Widow will produce unrivalled yields if she is grown correctly and her flowering time is 8 weeks. She usually prefers to be grown indoors. 


Green Crack


This strain is always a fantastic idea for anyone who just doesn’t have time to take it easy. Once the basic healing and recovery is over some of us won’t be able to take time off in order to recover. However, a lot of post-op recovery will result in a lack of energy and some lasting aches and pains. Green Crack got its name because it provides a burst of productive energy and stimulates the brain. Whether you need to try and get some work done from home, just need to stay on top of chores or want to try to get out and about Green Crack is a great choice. It was created by crossing Skunk #1 and Afghani, two of the world’s most popular strains. The THC level of Green Crack is 19 – 20% so she can be pretty heavy hitting. Those who aren’t that used to smoking should really take things slowly. The flavour is a combination of citrus and sugar with a bright scent to match. Green Crack has a flowering time of 58 – 65 days and can be grown indoors or outdoors. 




This strain is one of the best painkillers out there, perfect for anyone who has undergone some serious surgery. It is extremely relaxing as well so ideal for recovering from anything painful or traumatic. The pain relief is also long-lasting and there is a hint of an uplifting creative buzz. This pleasant buzz will also see away anxiety and depression that can follow after a severe surgery. There are few other strains that will be as good for full recovery. She is also a vigorous grower that produces massive yields. AK47 is an award winner who took 3rd prize in the category: Hybrid at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2011 in Amsterdam. She was created by using Columbian genetics and is Sativa dominant. She has a flowering time of 8 – 9 weeks and will grow well indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. 


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