Best Strain For Your DnD Class: Part 1

Best Strain For Your DnD Class Part 1

Best Strain For Your DnD Class Part 1


DnD is slowly becoming more and more popular in modern times. No longer just the pass time of hardcore basement nerds, there are now loads of groups you can join and I’ll warrant you have at least one friend who is currently part of a campaign. I mean, I’m a dungeon master and obviously I’m your friend. As this table top fun time increases in popularity it definitely is starting to bleed into the stoner community. I certainly know a fair few players who enjoy a smoke while they come up with their newest character. If you know anything about DnD you likely know that there are different classes. These classes have pretty specific personalities and every friend group likely has a bard, a wizard, a fighter, etc. So today I’m going to go through each of the classes, say a little about their personality types, and then give you the perfect strain for your DnD class. 




If you fancy yourself a little bit of a sneak thief and you like to use a little cunning to win then look no further than the rogue. Rogues are a vital part of any campaign group. They are usually extremely high in stealth and work well as scouts and tactical players that balance out the more brute force members of the group. Rogues are also resourceful problem solvers who love puzzles and riddles. They use unconventional methods to fix issues and will often bring fascinating solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. So essentially if you play as a rogue you are likely crafty, creative, a logical thinker and a bit of a scamp. I think the perfect strain for a rogue is Kali Mist. This strain is focused and creative with a subtle cerebral effect to allow for tactical thinking. If anything this strain will only boost your Rogue powers and make you a more effective part of your team. One of the strains I would actually recommend smoking while you play. 




Next we come to our wild and sexy bards, entertainers that you can never fully trust to not try and bang whichever monster you’re facing. These babies are the fun guys, they entertain, flirt, have amazing social skills and are definitely the ones you want on your side if you’re trying to get information from an unwilling NPC. Of course, bards are also a little mischievous and often have mysterious backgrounds. If you’re a bard you’re a performer, both in game and out. You’re the type that gets fully into character voice to play and will act how your character would act in a situation rather than how the real you would. You’re the life of the party, love attention and just want to have some very serious fun. I think the best strain for you would be Sour Diesel. Now, while Sour Diesel is an Indica Sativa mix and does have some relaxing properties I still love it for Bards.  It’s happy and uplifting while having a creative edge but the last thing Bards need is more energy. If you are a bard personality type you probably struggle to relax so this strain will let you be your happy, talkative, outgoing self without it turning manic and causing you to make bad decisions for your team. 




Now fighters may sound simple but quite the opposite, this is probably one of the most diverse classes in DnD. Fighters range from questing knights and royal champions to bandit kings and vicious mercenaries. So personality wise a bunch of different people could want to be fighters, but usually they will have a few things in common. Fighters like fighting, basically that’s the whole thing. No matter where your allegiance lies you love weapons, armour, beating the snot out of monsters and generally just getting right into the middle of a mele. You don’t shy away from danger, in fact you might sometimes run into it when it doesn’t help your party. Fighters have a bit of a tendency to run before they think, see some baddies and go KILLING TIME rather than maybe there is a way to get around this without conflict. Sometimes that is the better option for the quest and this is where our crafty thinky type classes have to step in. So for you we are going to go for a strain that might help with that impulsivity issue. I think that Jack Herer is a pretty good Fighter strain. This strain is famous for being just super great, and it is simultaneously euphoric and calming. This is great for a Fighter because they won’t be totally subdued, but it will calm them down enough for the Wizard to explain why running head first in 50 goblins is a bad idea. 




Finally in this installment, because I’m absolutely doing a part 2, I’ll look at my lovely Wizards. Wizards are again a relatively diverse class but they do have some defining characteristics. As magic users Wizards don’t tend to be in the heat of battle, usually they are a little further out casting longer lasting spells that will help to finish the battle off all together or supporting their fellow fighters. Wizards rely a lot on intelligence and wisdom, they are definitely the more scholarly characters. Often those who play wizards like to be in control, prefer to think tactically and enjoy playing the long game rather than shooting for immediate gratification. Generally Wizards are thought to be antisocial characters but honestly I think that depends on the player. I also believe that Wizards require a level of creativity to use their spells effectively. So I’m going to say that Black Jack is the best Wizard strain. Black Jack is extremely creative and focused giving a Wizard all the support they need to be their best selves during battle. This strain will allow them to utilise their powers as best they can, weaving magic and spells together to solve problems and defeat powerful foes. 


Now I’m about to massively go over my word count so come back for part 2 where I’ll be looking at a couple of the other great classes available in Dungeons and Dragons. 


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