Best Horror Films To Watch High

Best Horror Films To Watch High

Best Horror Films To Watch High


Now that spooky season is on our doorstep I think it’s time we get into the Halloween spirit (pun intended). This list is not for the faint of heart, I’m not going to talk much about funny horror that’ll give you a lovely stoned chuckle. This is for horror fans who want to add a little extra spice to their viewing experience. For the people who just can’t get scared by films anymore or are struggling to really feel the seasonal fear in general. So assuming you’re nice and stoned in whichever fashion you prefer, let’s have a look at some films that will only be enhanced by the use of cannabis. I might even suggest the ideal strain for each film to save you the guesswork. 


Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil


Let’s start nicely with a fantastic satirical horror film starring my beloved Alan Tudyk and the wonderful Tyler Labine. I think the reason that this one is so perfect is that it certainly is a comedy, but it’s an intelligent comedy that uses horror tropes to make an incredible film. There is still plenty of gore for all you nasty babies out there, so don’t worry. This film is well structured, pretty scary and inverts some of my favourite aspects of the classic teen slasher films. 


Gorilla Glue


This strain is euphoric, happy and relaxing which makes it great for enjoying the brutal satire of Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil. Primarily this strain is known for its medicinal properties and is often prescribed to those suffering from epilepsy, arthritis, migraines, pain, nausea, PMS, and a variety of other issues. So if you’re a comedy-horror lover that also uses medicinally this should be right up your street. Gorilla Glue has a pretty impressive THC level of 24% so if you’re not careful she might knock you on your ass. She has a flowering time of just 8 – 9 weeks and can be grown indoors or outdoors. 




I actually just saw this film the other night and oh my gosh I wish I had been high for it. Housu (House) is a Japanese film from the 70s that brings every Japanese horror trope together in a phenomenal cascade of lady ghosts, body horror, and possessed cats. This is the story of a group of schoolgirls that go away for the summer to one of their aunt’s house. The aunt hasn’t been seen or heard from in many years but is the girl, Fantasy’s, only connection to her dead mother. On their arrival, they find a large and dusty manor house where the wheelchair-bound elderly aunt resides completely alone. Of course, Fantasy’s cat Snowy decides to come along with them on the train and makes herself quite at home with the aunt. The direction is fantastic, all of the effects are practical and some of the splicing of film is truly incredible. For this film, you are going to want something nice and trippy. 




To really get into the messed-up nature of this film I highly recommend LSD. This strain gets its title from the hallucinogenic drug of the same name. This is due to its effects which are psychedelic, cerebral and euphoric. Not only will this let you get into some of the incredible visuals of this film, but will also enhance the many genuinely hilarious parts as well. LSD has a THC level of 25% so don’t overdo it. She has a flowering time of 60 – 65 days and can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. 


It Follows


This recommendation is definitely for anyone who wants to test their spook limits. It follows is already a terrifying and stressful film, but high it hits on another level. This extremely popular piece of horror is about a sexually transmitted curse that has to be passed on as soon as possible. If you are unable to pass it on the creature will eventually get to you. The title, It Follows, comes from the fact that the monster is always following you and if you stop for too long it might catch up. Even writing about it gives me a little chill, this is definitely the sort of stuff that makes my hair stand on end. I’m going to recommend a strain that will increase the fear of the film, but maybe help a little with the excessive anxiety. If you’re like me you might struggle to finish watching the film if your flight brain is acting up too hard. 


Grandaddy Purple


Just a touch of this strain should hopefully improve your viewing experience. Generally, this strain is known for its powers of relaxation and even its use as a sedative. Combine it with a high stakes anxiety-inducing film and you should have the perfect balance of scared and calm. Grandaddy Purple has a flowering time of 60 – 65 days and can be grown indoors or outdoors. 




Let’s finish off with some nostalgia that also gives us genuine horror and some lovely practical gore. I have to say that the Hellraiser franchise is one of my favourites. Partly because the first few films are amazing, partly because all the ones after that are garbage, and partly because I love practical effects body horror. Give me all of that sweet sweet corn syrup. Hellraiser, if you don’t know, is a film about a magical puzzle box that can provide an eternity of ecstatic anguish and orgasmic torment at the hands of the Cenobites. Basically kinky demons with messed up faces. The puzzle box falls into the hands of a teenage girl via her terrifyingly creepy uncle. I think you can figure out what happens from there. 


Blue Dream


This strain is amazing for nostalgic horror as it is cerebral and uplifting as well as lasting for ages. It just enhances the sheer joy brought on by the bizarre acting and the awesomely inventive gore. Blue Dream has a flowering time of 65 – 70 days and can be grown indoors or outdoors. 


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