Best Cartoons to Smoke To

Cannabis Cartoons

Cannabis Cartoons


One of the most enjoyable pastimes when smoking is watching cartoons. They stimulate the mind without putting too much pressure on it but also provide a good amount of variety. There are cartoons to cover every vibe of high from the soft safe and fluffy to the disturbed trippy and downright freaky. Some of these will be perfect for everyone, the mainstream cartoons that are always fun to watch whether you’re high or not. Some may be a little risky, especially for those who tend to freak out while smoking. Enter this list at your own risk.


Adventure Time


This is an easy pick and probably one that most of you already know. Adventure time is chill, comfortable, colourful and genuinely funny. It also has its moments of being deep, meaningful, a little messed up, a little dirty, and it all takes place in a magical and beautiful drawn world. The episodes are short and seemingly free of a plot so there is no need to pay 100% attention. However, the overarching storyline is also compelling and exciting with equally awesome character evolutions throughout. This is the ultimate show to watch with a soft and uplifting strain, maybe a chill Sativa or a lighter Indica strain. It is perfect for daytime or bedtime, for watching alone or with someone. I basically couldn’t recommend a cartoon for a pleasant stoner adventure more highly. When in doubt throw on Adventure Time.


Bob’s Burgers


This one is ideal for a giggly strain as it has a slightly dry and slightly odd sense of humour that I personally love. This show can be a divider amongst cartoon lovers but personally, it’s a definite favourite of mine. Bob’s Burgers is another cartoon that goes with a few different types of high. For those who have seen it before it’s a great one for just watching again and again without getting bored. You can throw it on in the background to keep your stoned mind occupied while you do whatever else you feel like. For those who haven’t seen it before it’s a good binging show and there are 11 seasons so plenty to get through. It is a fun and uplifting show that will keep the brain away from dark areas whilst also being genuinely fun and entertaining.


Solar Opposites 


From one of the writers of Rick and Morty, this fun alien based show is, I feel, better suited to being high than Rick and Morty. This show is less existential and more fun with a good helping of violence, gore and general silliness. Solar Opposites feels like it would sit better with a stoned mind as it is a little more basic and focuses more on the one-shot plot lines and the stupid but often amazing jokes. There are two seasons out at the moment and still many people haven’t watched it yet. So for some of you, this could be a great new show to work through while you have a smoke and a chill-out session.


Super Jail 


Now, this is the sort of show I was talking about when I said it might not be for everyone. This cartoon is one big acid trip without being high. It is a very weird and very violent cartoon that is also extremely funny. When I was in my early 20s a lot of my stoner friends were watching this show and I couldn’t figure out why. I quite liked it but didn’t get the appeal and thought it seemed like an awful smoking companion. The first time I got high and watched it I actually understood. The show was clearly made by people on drugs for people on drugs. If you are feeling brave or know you prefer your entertainment a little bit twisted, this is the cartoon for you.


Happy Tree Friends 


Ok, gore fans I have one more suggestion for you. This cutesy looking cartoon is probably one of the most horrifying tv shows I’ve ever watched. A massacre of fuzzy little animals all dying in increasingly horrible and inventive ways. For anyone who finds mindless violence funny, which to be fair is probably a lot of you, this is a great show. There’s nothing quite like chuckling into a packet of crisps as a fluffy little bunny gets disembowelled by a phone line. Again this definitely is not a show for everyone and should probably be paired with a very uplifting and giggly strain.


Sea Lab 2021


One of the greatest things about this show is the theme song, which you will be singing for the rest of the day. It’s also just surreal, weird and a lot of fun while having a classic cartoon vibe. It is one of the great original Adult Swim cartoons of which there are many, but this one is my favourite. The jokes are bizarre and the characters super weird, giving it that fun mindless comedy that goes so well with being high. It also is better suited to those who want to steer clear of blood and gore in their stoned cartoon viewing.




We are a little back onto the hardcore train with this heavy metal cartoon. Another Adult Swim show that was so popular during my teens. This cartoon follows a heavy metal band that gets into all sorts of seriously messed up shenanigans. This is not only a great choice for metal fans but for anyone who just wants to feel like a stoned teenager sitting in their friend’s bedroom just giggling and eating.


Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law 


The final one is just a hubbub of old cartoons, ridiculous jokes and just a good deal of old fashioned nonsense. At the home of the biggest smokers I’ve ever known this show was perpetually playing, along with X Files. This is perfect for those who want something just a bit mental but also very fun. Again it feels like the writers were stoned when they created it, which is basically what you want in a cartoon to watch while high.


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