The Ogre Awakens – An Epic Joint Doctor Promo from The Vault

Vault Joint Ogre Blog Promo


BREAKING NEWS: Ogre spotted, magic beans recovered

There has been an awakening deep within the primeval forests of Mellow-Stoned National Park.

A mystical being known for its immense power and giant stature has been spotted by hikers, dog-walkers and park rangers alike, leaving everyone that comes in contact with it feeling uplifted, red-eyed and with a really bad case of the munchies.

It is clear that this apparition was no common or garden Sasquatch passing through, or some hoaxer in a Halloween costume: In fact, all of the evidence points toward it being none other than the legendary Ogre spoken of in ancient folklore.

Our trackers followed the elusive beast’s funky, skunky scent to its makeshift lair: But save for a few broken twigs, some cracked picnic baskets and an empty jar of Nutella, the only remarkable item left behind was a stash of magic beans, which, upon closer inspection, appeared to be none other than the amazing Ogre strain by the maestros at The Joint Doctor;

One thing’s for sure: Whoever this Ogre chap is, he has some impeccable taste!

Enter now for a chance to win some awesome prizes

In honour of our amazing discovery, we hooked up with our buddies at The Joint Doctor to bring you this superb promo which could see you get your hands on the following earth-shattering prize haul:

  • 10 x Ogre feminised seeds by The Joint Doctor
  • A great The Vault t-shirt
  • A superb Joint Doctor hoodie

How to enter

To be in this competition with a chance of winning, just visit the FB post HERE – The competition will run from Tuesday 3rd of March 2015 until Monday the 16th of March 2015, so move fast and make your entry count!

The lucky winner will be announced on Tuesday the 17th March 2015: So good luck, have fun and remember to tell all of your buddies about this great promo so that they don’t miss out!

About the Ogre seed-strain

The genetic wizards at The Joint Doctor have distilled their extensive knowledge and expertise into crafting the uncompromising Ogre. This Sativa-dominant giant of a strain combines Secret Citrus and Durban Skunk genetics into an auto-flowering package which hits hard and hits fast.

Thanks to its accelerated growth pattern and wide structure, as well as its incredible yield potential, Ogre has become a favourite for collectors who like their seeds to pack a lot of punch and hit the ground running.

Known for its pungent skunk aroma with fragrant citrus undertones, this is a delicious strain which produces uplifting, euphoric effects and a sublimely chilled-out deep body stone.


FREE_Chronic Ryder Auto Feminised Seed

The Vault carries a huge selection of iconic seed strains from The Joint Doctor, including: Ogre, Lowryder #2, Diesel Ryder and many more: And we have some great news for you: Any time you decide to buy a pack of seeds from this top-quality brand at The Vault, you’ll get a Chronic Ryder seed thrown in for free: Boo-ya!

UPDATE: 17/03/15 winner has been annouced at

Legal Disclaimer

The competition winner will have their prize sent to them via recorded delivery. If you win the competition but don’t receive your prize, we cannot resend competition seeds, so you’ll have to raise this with your local delivery service (In the UK, for example, this would be Royal Mail).

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  1. .yeah thank you for asking for all the information is not a problem hopefully I win big grey I do thank you very much I like to think the people you know right now every now and then I see now that when I say I’ve got other people saying thank you so but in no light of the way things are in the world today not many people say it so again

  2. again thank you chance to be in your contest and everything thanks for the opportunity make things for everybody else to do you know we all appreciate you guys you guys do more than what you know helps out the little guy wind up helping everybody else thank you

  3. Hello there, thank you for the email i would love to win anything to do with Cannabis because it’s the most useful plant on this planet and it’s good to me when i have it, i just wish the laws would change here in the UK hopefully one day there will be a world wide legalization.

  4. I would so love it if I was lucky enough to win your comp & try yer strains… I am a newbie and any help / tips would be greatly appreciated.
    I also Liked&Shared!! G’luck peeps 😀

  5. awesome 🙂 count me in please 🙂 always amazing from the vault 🙂 keep up the amazing work 🙂

  6. If your reading this you have made it to the number 1 seed bank in the world. and the staff is top notch with tons of help. so make so you take time to look around at all the great stuff.

  7. like all amazing giveaways from The Vault….hope,this time i can have a little luck and win some nice prize 🙂 Thansk! Good luck to all!!!

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