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Phoenix Cannabis Seeds


Hey there, Team Vaulters!  We all know you love a promo here at The Vault and get a proper buzz when we see you post about your cannabis seeds winnings across the Socials and Forums.

That’s why we have a multi-breeder bundle of cannabis seeds for you with some cool added extras.

This is a BLOG POST ONLY entry but there are two prizes you can win.


About The Prizes!


Package One > 

x10 Strawberry Cheesecake Auto from Barney’s Farm + x1 MikroMachine Auto CBD AND x 4 Strawberry Banana Auto with papers and stickers. + RQS tray (if in UK) + cap + Seedstockers carry bag


Cannabis Seed Images


Package Two > 

x10 Peanut Butter Cookies from Pure Instinto + x5 seeds from Humboldt plus cap and Kannabia papers and sticker.

Cannabis Seeds Prizes


We’ve catered to Auto Flower Seed fans and Feminised Seeds. If you can’t wait feel free to browse our range via the links in this paragraph!



Simply let us know if you’d like the Auto’s or The Feminised Seeds on this blog post and tell us why you should win. Best answers as picked by Team Vault will win!


WINNERS – Announced 11/4/24


Alexander MacDonald – Prize 1

Sharon Hensley – Prize 2


Promo is live from March 6th and will be announced on Thursday 11th April 2024
Entries are verified first so your entry may not show up for 24-48 hours
The free seeds cannot be changed to a different strain
Prizes won’t be re-sent
The prize must be claimed within 28 days or it will be put into the pot for a future promo and the results are final


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Remember: It is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in many countries including the UK.  It is our duty to inform you of this fact and to urge you to obey all of your local laws to the letter.  The Vault only ever sells or sends out seeds for souvenir, collection or novelty purposes.

252 thoughts on “Vault Cannabis Seeds Bundle Giveaway

  1. autoflowers. I’ve only grown auto’s once before, and it was around 10 years ago. Haven’t wanted to buy them since because they were horrible. All I have been hearing is how amazing autos are now and id like to try them again. However i cannot bring myself to buy them with how they turned out back then.

  2. Love to win the feminized seeds. I would love to start growing again, I shut it down 5+ years ago when my kid was born, all my seed stock is older than that, be nice to have some new genetics.

  3. I like photoperiod femnized seeds for fact if i find the right one I can clone and keep her around awhile ..I really should win because I have a seed addiction and the wife is about to kick me out ..I will be living in my grow tent . Plus I love penutbutter… cookie ..sandwiches..penutbutter cups you name it

  4. Autos, I should win because I love wearing gear from Vault to work and getting questionable looks from everyone lmfao.

  5. I would love the Auto’s please 🙏 one hell of a crappy year so far 🙄 my mum has been in and out of hospital since Christmas and just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, my landlord decides he wants to do a house inspection 😫 so all tents and plants taken down and of course they weren’t ready enough, but other than that 🤣 thank you once again for another fantastic giveaway and fingers well and truly crossed 😊

  6. I just got back in growing so I’m lost to all the genetics that been happening over the years. Also trying to win some feminized seeds to get back into since money is tight. Would love to try these feminized ones. Thanks for opportunity!

  7. I’d like the autos as I’m a beginner and can’t keep affording to buy herb so am going to attempt to grow my own and autos are a good bet.

  8. Would love to give those autos a try! I’m back in the grow game this past month after taking 2 years off and man did I miss it. Whoever wins these are very lucky!!!!!

  9. Gotta be FEM Anything doesn’t matter either way as long as win it’ll join 1 3 tent’s alongside rest 🔥🇬🇧💯🆒👍🍻☮️

    1. Awsomest Vault team seen 🏆 1st prize sent email regarding postage appreciated N always GrowFam4Life 💯💚👊🔥🤘☮️

  10. The Vault was my first store.
    15 is my Number !
    15 the Number off plants my Room takes.
    Would be really Nice to won the femmes off this wonderful promo.
    I Will be really pround to the Vault shirt !!
    Thanks Team Vault!! 💪💪

  11. Auto or fem decided I’m at an age where I need a hobby and why not this my wife is a keen gardener and this is how to get involved

  12. I would appreciate the Feminized seed please. I think I should finally win a prize. because April 21 I will turn 70 and also celebrate 50 years of marriage to me bride the day before. good luck everyone.

  13. A very generous prize from a great company! I would love the chance to win package one and I would share it with my friend who is a retired musculoskeletal doctor who is showing a very keen interest in auto flowering seeds. I would let him wear the cap😺.

  14. I would love the photoperiod fems, seems I have better luck with them, I hope I win because I’m getting ready to start a new crop, it’s always a pleasure to try new strains, the work people put in it for the breeding and crosses to make that special one is awesome, some people have no ideal what breeders go thrue to get them that amazing strains, so thats why I hope I win , I appreciate a good cross and know people put their hearts in it so other people can enjoy, thank you for this chance to win, very appreciated

  15. Well I have to say id be happy with anything ! I’m using them for medical reasons so anything that helps the pain really !
    If you could do a no munchy variety that would be cool as ill be as high and the size of mamma cass in no time 😂

  16. It’s time to get ready for the outdoor season! Would love to put some peanut butter cookies in the garden and see how it likes some Colorado altitude! Plus I’m gunna need that trucker hat for keeping the sun outta my eyes when looking up at those colas! 😉

  17. Because ill grow them out on forum that i use and then get hammered on it courtesy of you guys who i will give a shout too in my diary

  18. The autos please, I think I should win because I’m utterly fed up with winter and winning would be a lovely way to start spring with a grin. 😊

  19. Can’t remember if I’ve put my name into the hat for this one already or not. Wonder why? But if I haven’t I’d love to try the auto bundle, some good breeders in there and I need a new hat since the Mrs decided that my ancient Sensi Seeds cap looked better on the dog.

  20. I would appreciate the feminized seeds to grow them by the Mediterranean sea. I should win them to feed my head.

  21. I would have to choose the Strawberry Cheescake autoflowers, from Barney’s. I like photoperiods. And Pure Instito is a top notch breeder…. But….I’m allergic to peanuts.

  22. If it goes this way down under just send me a couple seeds you think might suprisse me and split the rest of the prize with as many random members as you’re willing to.

  23. I’ve tried a few different autos before but never had much luck getting decent yields from them but I wouldn’t mind winning the feminised seeds as I love training them to get them nice and bushy before they go into flower. Thank you the vault crew for putting up these excellent prizes 🤞🙏👌🏻😃

  24. Auto flower bundle would be amazing to add to the collection! Always have loved Barney’s and their collection of strains. Thank you to the vault for the opportunity and chance and for the great contests!

  25. Owww my text-art Autobot smoking a joint didn’t work with the blog formatting 🙁 That’s what it was supposed to be anyway. haha.

  26. Fems. I need a good reason to buy a new pair of fiskars. Lets get naked and barbecue. Will send nudes. Peace and love.
    Hasta la vista.

  27. Another great competition from teamvault thanks, there’s some nice goodies and that’s aside from the beans, so I would love to win any of them thanks and if I did win I would be sharing some of them and past prizes from yourselves with some members from a great site that’s helped me a lot in my growing journey, thanks again teamvault and good luck everyone

  28. Hi folks – A BIG thanks to all who entered!

    We’ve randomly selected two winners who are:

    Alexander MacDonald
    Susan Sharon Hensley!

    As big massive thanks to all who entered. The next one will be along soon enough!

    Gary Eff

  29. Autos please, I’ve been growing about 5 years so I’m still learning new tricks every day. I’ve ruined a few grows with to much nutrients and the wrong type of soil and I had some amazing grows with an abundance of purple bud (crystal meth by fast buds) that was 🔥and sent you flying🤯 high🚀☄️to the moon 🌜. I want to achieve another grow that would out do the purple bud and put me back on top of my game. Thank you in advance!

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