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So you may have noticed that The Vault have been going crazy with our new cannabis seeds competitions, promotions and new breeders being added to the site again in 2020?  If not check out all the current ones now live at our discount cannabis seeds page!  At last count we had 5 live at the same time and with what we have planned, this will (pardon the pun) continue to grow over the coming weeks.


Are you ready for yet another awesome cannabis seeds giveaway? This time with a different little twist.  Usually, when we run a cannabis seed competition or promotion it is in conjunction with our breeders to help build awareness of a new strain or to announce a new seed bank that has been adding to The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store’s roster.


For this one we will be letting you choose the prize!


Wait…What you say Team Vault crew?


Yep, you read that right, The Vault are (possibly) the only seedbank that allows our customers to choose their own freebies in the cart in our “choose your own freebie section” when making a purchase from The Vault, so we are using that approach for this promo too.  You maybe already have a favourite cannabis seed, or you might want to take a browse through our extensive cannabis seed collection to choose a strain you have had your eye on to try out, or maybe you will find something new to pique your interest?


This will allow us to gather some intelligence on what you, our customers are looking for in a strain, what’s important to you, what gets you excited when choosing a cannabis seeds strain so we can further refine The Vault to even better deliver what you are looking for!  Be part of our customer research and win a free 10 pack of your favourite cannabis seeds, not bad eh?


How to enter:


We will be giving away a pack of 10 seeds (or closest pack size if 10’s are not an option), of your choice. There will be a total of 10 prizes too, so you’re in with a good chance of winning for sure.


All you need to do, is browse the The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store website and find your favourite strain (if it’s not in stock don’t worry, we will order them in for you), add a comment on the blog post below with a link to the product you would like to win and maybe tell us a little bit about why that strain is your favourite, or if you haven’t tried it as yet, then what is it that attracts you to that strain!


Winners will be selected by using a random number generator.


Winners will be announced on Thursday 26th November, 2020.


Why not head on over to The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store now and pick up some Cannabis Seeds whilst taking advantage of the discount code VAULT15 for a 15% discount on your order of Marijuana Seeds at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store!


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Legal Disclaimer: The competition winners will have their prizes sent to them via recorded delivery.  If you win the competition but don’t receive your prize, we cannot resend competition prizes, so you’ll have to raise this with your local delivery service (In the UK, for example, this would be Royal Mail).


Remember: It is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in many countries and some remote, less enlightened planets outside the core systems.  It is our duty to inform you of this fact and to urge you to obey all of your local laws to the letter.  The Vault only ever sells or sends out seeds for souvenir, collection or novelty purposes.






Would love to try Stardawg by FastBuds. I only grow autos and want to see if they live up to the hype. Plus always wanted to try anything chemdawg related. https://www.cannabis-seeds-store.co.uk/auto-flowering-seeds/fastbuds-seeds/stardawg-autoflowering-feminised-seeds


Always great giveaways here! Thanks Gary! https://www.cannabis-seeds-store.co.uk/regular-seeds/bodhi-seeds/angelica-regular-seeds

Allen Ari Kinahan

These would be my choice, foremost because they are less susceptible to powdery mildew, and I’d love to have them planted around my actual rose garden! Thank you for the opportunity to try something new.

Josh Houle

https://www.cannabis-seeds-store.co.uk/regular-seeds/serious-seeds/bubble-gum-regular-seeds Great giveaway idea. My choice if I chosen would be Serious Seeds Bubble Gum, ive had a cross with the bubblegum in it before and the classic flavor was pretty prominent in that particular phenotype, but I would really like a chance to run the cultivar by itself. That sweeet strawberry bubble gum flavor and smell is amazing and I would love it in my collection. GL everyone.

Fish Cheese

After careful thought and consideration, I chose the strain below. There are far too many good genetics to choose from, as I had to narrow it down from 25 to one. I chose one I have not grown before, but the description & terpene profile paints an awesome picture in my mind, & it wins out over the others.

Jeremy Campbell


I have been a huge wrestling fan for the past 30+ years and I hardly ever see anyone use anything even near a term or name used in wrestling. I’ve always wanted to try dark horse as I’ve heard they have great genetics and what better genetics than bb and zkittlez and dosi?

Also, the name on this strain is listed wrong as it’s not hulkmania it’s HulkAmania

Shane Baker

I would have to pick Ed Rosenthal’s Superbud….i know it’s a little pricey and i probably wouldn’t get picked just on that. Lol
However, I think Ed Rosenthal is something of a legend in the cannabis growing community and am so curious as to what he’s managed to concoct. It also has such a diverse parentage that I’m interested to see if the strain is as constant, or minimal variations on phenotypes as sensi seeds claims.
Cheers to everyone and happy holidays.

Kostas Roussos

I have undertaken the unenviable task of growing our own for a family member suffering from cancer. Very new to this so a buffer of a few seeds to help with the inevitable screw up would be a blessing. The only strain they have mentioned having good sucess with is a Jack Herer. I have no background at all in cannabis so I do not know what is or isn’t good. Just trying to learn and provide relief. Hopefully this strain you carry from Fast Buds is close to what has worked. Thank you for the chance. https://www.cannabis-seeds-store.co.uk/auto-flowering-seeds/fastbuds-seeds/original-jack-herer-auto-feminised-seeds


Heard about the power of Northern Lights as a medical strain, and a higher yield with the Big Bud has sold me as the next type of strain to try. Not a bad price either!
https://www.cannabis-seeds- store.co.uk/feminised-seeds/world-of-seeds/northern-light-x-big-bud-feminised-seeds

Ran Taib

a great promo #10outof10
so, if i may choose my own freebie, i would go with BubbleGum ( https://www.cannabis-seeds-store.co.uk/auto-flowering-seeds/fastbuds-seeds/original-bubblegum-auto-feminised-seeds ) . it was one of my first joints i have tried while visiting Amsterdam.
would be nice to see if i am able to have that experience again

382 thoughts on “Pick Your Own Seeds Promo

  1. Hi, I am from Vietnam. I am a true stoner, I have tested it through tutankhammum and I fell in love with it.It is a very easy to grow strain and high THC, strong vitality and has many medical value. Thank you TheVault UK is one of the best seed banks in the world right now, if given the chance I would order here. I will be a potential and loyal customer. Nice to meet you all over the world. Sorry if I am not good at speaking English. LocAn with love <3

  2. Not sure how to copy the link to the strain bit the blue dream haze has my attention I have also seen some blue dreams and man they look so pretty I guess what makes me wanna try the blue dream haze cause it’s my favorite color so why not 🙂

  3. Hi! I just got my seed order from you!!! Super exciting! I’m interested in Cannabis Seeds / Feminised Seeds / Rare Dankness / Scott’s OG Feminised Seeds because I love to grow and this strain seems like it might be eye candy! I’m not familiar with this strain, but reading up on it has me seriously intrigued!!!

  4. I wish i could pick agent orange from TGA Genetics/subcool….but i don’t think anyone could find that without hardwork and collector tracing. However there is an agent orange by philosopher seeds. I think that’s such a well known classic strain I really want to grow it!

  5. Hope I’m not too late It’s 6.55am on the 26th so fingers crossed 🙂
    I would like to try Bigfoot Glue by Huboldt seed co as I have not long began my passion for genetics preservation and I was quite inspired by a documentary I seen based on humboldt county and this is why I am Interested in getting my hands on some of the genetics from humboldt county


  6. Hey guys i would love to feature present and promo review your products on my Instagram and youtube page in cool videos and photo posts wich ill tagg your brand directing all people towards your brand!!
    My Instagram is @canadian420vibes

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