Do CBD Patches Work?

Do CBD Patches Work

Do CBD Patches Work


CBD patches are one of the many CBD products on the market today that are supposed to help with pain, anxiety, stress, depression, and a variety of other issues. Essentially they are the same basic thing as nicotine patches which makes them great for use on the go. You can just slap on a patch in the morning and the slow release of CBD should keep you chill and happy for the rest of the day. This is also a great way for those who don’t like vaping or smoking to take in CBD for therapeutic reasons. So if these guys work they are a fantastic option for several reasons, let’s have a little look at how they have been received by the medicinal cannabis community. 


What Is CBD?


Let’s start from the beginning and look at what CBD actually is. CBD is a cannabinoid found in marijuana that has a number of therapeutic uses. Usually, it is used by those who don’t want the psychotropic effects of cannabis but do want the effects that reduce pain, anxiety, stress and the symptoms of numerous different medical issues. Essentially CBD won’t get you high in the same way THC will. This is why many use it to deal with medicinal issues during the day or simply because they don’t enjoy the more intense effects of normal cannabis. CBD can be ingested in many ways through smoking, vaping, eating and so on. One of the newer methods is the CBD patch. 


How Do CBD Patches Work?


Transdermal patches are used in a variety of ways and usually contain something medicinal and are made to attach to the skin. This is thought to be a better way to take medication through the skin than creams and oils. In order for them to work properly they need to be used properly, go figure. Basically, the point is that the CBD will go through the skin and directly into the bloodstream. This should be more effective than other forms of taking CBD and should improve the way that the body processes the CBD. This should also mean that the exact location of the issue is targeted whether it be pain, stress or anxiety. It also means that the CBD will bypass the digestive tract and increase the effectiveness and speed of the CBD. So in theory CBD patches should absolutely be the best way to take in CBD. 


How Do You Use A Patch?


This is very simple, just get a patch and either pop it on the area that hurts or just anywhere you like if it’s for mental health reasons. If you are using the patch for pain this should give immediate relief and begin promoting healing of the area. The CBD is released slowly into the body over a long but consistent period of time which is ideal if you don’t have time to take numerous doses. In fact, there are patches that can last up to 96 hours which makes them by far the longest-lasting CBD delivery system. 


How Does Absorbtion Work?


The way that absorption works means that because CBD is absorbed internally, via smoking or ingestion, it can also be absorbed externally. Skin is just as difficult to get through as lung and stomach linings, but CBD can manage it. The tiny little molecules pop through the skin due and into the bloodstream which means you can put a patch directly on the problem area for maximum effect. 


Matrix Patches vs Reservoir Patches


There are two different primary types of CBD patches that differ in how they store and administer the CBD.


 Matrix patches will have the CBD in the adhesive that sticks the patch onto the skin. The CBD then travels through the layers of the skin directly from the surface of the patch. This does mean that the dose may be slightly less controlled as it depends on the CBD in the patch and the area of skin the CBD is touching. 


Reservoir patches literally have a tiny reservoir of CBD inside them that is released over time. The CBD is distributed from the reservoir to the skin in a long and slow process ensuring continuity and even coverage. These types of patches are usually thought to be more beneficial due to the way in which they work. You can rely on a more even release of CBD over a longer amount of time rather than just letting it all sink into the skin at once. 


What Are The Benefits?


There appear to be a number of benefits to using CBD patches. First of all the targeted application is ideal for those who have a specific ache or pain to deal with. They are especially popular with those who suffer from arthritis and other joint issues. Being able to directly treat the affected area makes a huge difference to comfort and mobility. As I previously mentioned the slow release is another massive benefit. The fact that one of these can go on at the start of the day and continue to provide pain relief without reapplication is pretty impressive. They are also extremely discrete as they are just placed on the skin where they can be covered. This can be better if you are going to work or something similar and don’t want to be taking droplets of CBD oil all day. 


Are There Any Negative Side Effects? 


It is extremely rare for anyone to experience negative side effects from CBD. There is the potential of slight nausea, dry mouth, or fatigue but it is extremely unlikely. Also with CBD patches if at any point you feel anything is wrong you can just pop them off. Unlike edibles or orally taken oils, the flow of CBD will be immediately stopped. If you are at all concerned about using CBD patches simply talk to your doctor before doing so. It is completely impossible to overdose on a patch and as I say side effects are rare. 


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