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  1. Still waiting for a reply concerning my order and the bad product I received. Jack I no you will make this right since I live in one of the best growing states in the USA. Okla homa no. 1 cash crop for the last 25years.Ken Oklahoma man with throat cancer

  2. hello georgy porgy…I don’t hang out on afn, got banned for speaking the truth.
    I wish I could enter your contest, but I am not a member at ant of the site’s
    that are holding the contest. oh well. you guys are pretty cool,
    take care George.

    1. Hi Buddy,

      For clarification, we sell cannabis seeds not hemp. If you feel you have had any issue with any product we sell we would ask you to discuss this with our customer service team but I can assure you all products are checked for quality and we only stock seeds from reputable breeders. Would you like to send me your details by email to with your order details we will be happy to investigate for you.

  3. I just wanted to say that George helped me when the first order got checked and lost seeds, he got me a new order and sent discreet enough to get them. I got success on the one quick one only one seed and in 62 days magic.

  4. Yo yo i lpve the vault for there interaction with the community like these contests they run…. Am i in just for posting here? Hope you guys have a good holiday much love patmandoo

  5. You guys are killing it would be honored to get the chance to pop some of these seeds! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing the love!

  6. Hi, I have bought some seed from you a month ago, 3 of my seed were duds they didnt work, nothing from germination. They was all the same seed 3 in a pack orange Dutch passion seeds. We are regular customers and have never had this issue before.could we have another pack sent out or refunding at the cost, I can send photo evidence If necessary.

    Thanks Josh shaw

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