Common Stoner Mistakes

Common Stoner Mistakes

Common Stoner Mistakes



Whether you’ve been smoking for years or you’re brand new to it you may fall victim to a few common mistakes. Though it doesn’t seem like an activity that requires a particular level of skill, it genuinely does. There are all sorts of bad habits that veteran smokers can get into that then get passed on to new smokers. Maybe you’re one of those people who has smoked a couple of times and just doesn’t rate it. That could also be because you’re just not doing it in the right way for yourself. Smoking is a unique experience and just because something works for one person doesn’t mean it works for another. So here are a few of the most common mistakes that people make when smoking weed. 


Not Having The Strain Information


This is the biggest mistake you can make when smoking weed, especially if you’re a beginner. Most of you will know that there is a huge difference between Indica and Sativa. Then even inside those categories, there are massive differences between strains. If you don’t know what you’re smoking the likelihood is that you’re going to have a rubbish time. For example, you’re going to a party and you build a joint out of a strain you just got but you’re not sure what it is. Turns out it’s a heavy Indica and you spend the entire evening sitting in a chair staring at a wall or falling asleep in a corner. Even if it’s a Sativa, maybe whatever you’ve purchased makes you extremely anxious rather than uplifted and upbeat. If you don’t understand your strains, and how they affect your body, you’re very likely to have a super bad time. Always do a little test of anything you’ve not tried before while you’re at home. Then you can figure out what does and doesn’t work for you for future reference. 


Inhaling Wrong


I’m not even joking this is a really common issue, especially with the myths flying around about inhaling. A lot of people think that inhaling really deep and holding it in your lungs will get you high faster. THC is absorbed almost immediately upon inhaling and holding it longer literally doesn’t make a lick of difference, I mean other than being way worse for your lungs. The same goes for not inhaling at all and just taking tiny little baby puffs. You need to take a decent-sized toke or everything that you would be getting high from is just going back out with your exhale. 


Not Being Equipped


There are a few bits and pieces that you really do need to have if you’re going to smoke weed. The main piece of kit that is the most left out is the grinder, but it is vital if you want to get the best out of your weed. Grinding the weed makes it extremely uniform which you just won’t get if you just chop up the weed. It also crushes the weed into more of a powder than chunks. Having well ground weed means your joint or whatever method will burn much more evenly and produce a better high. Also, most decent grinders have a kief chamber so you get much more from your weed than you would if you just cut it up. 


Rubbish Lighter 


One mistake that comes up, again and again, is that people use crap lighters. Many smokers recommend a windproof lighter, I would agree but because I think they are like fun tiny blow torches. Cheap lighters may also add a horrible taste to the joint and you may end up inhaling some nasty stuff. Another option for indoor smoking is a hemp wick which lots of people argue adds a nice slow burn and flavour to the joint. 


Torching The Bowl


Torching the bowl is a notoriously dick move, instead, you want to corner the bowl. This is when you are smoking a pipe or similar and you burn the weed around the edges of the bowl. This means that each time you light the bowl you’re getting fresh weed instead of just a top layer of ash. This is especially necessary if you are passing it on because it seems a bit mean to just pass partially burnt weed to the next person. So no matter whether you are smoking with friends or just yourself torching the bowl is a bit of a dick move. 


Bad Storage


If you don’t store your weed properly you’re basically wasting it. Poor storage will reduce the effectiveness as well as the flavour of your weed. Don’t just whack it back in the bag or an open box, that’s definitely the worse thing you can do. Most people prefer to use mason jars or any container that is glass and fully seals. This means that your weed doesn’t go dry and the THC crystals don’t essentially die making your weed less potent. Some people even put a special little humidity pack to make sure that the inside of the jar remains a hospitable area for your precious nugs. 


Not Hydrating

This one may seem super obvious but you need to stay hydrated while you’re smoking. Dry mouth is a very common aspect of smoking that can make the whole thing extremely unpleasant. This is more important if you aren’t smoking in your house or close to a water source. First, your mouth will grow dry but quickly your lips will dry up and you’ll get a headache and it’s just going to ruin your entire experience. 


Not Caring For Your Equipment


Recently I wrote an article about this and it’s extremely important. You have to keep your bong or your pipe or whatever you use clean. Letting your bowl get clogged and filthy is just gross but is also really bad for you. Anything stuck to the bowl etc while you smoke is getting inhaled into your lungs. This is going to make your experience less pleasant as well as a little more dangerous. 


Written by Tasha Porritt


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