Best Video Games To Play High

Best Video Games To Play High

Best Video Games To Play High


Looking for that perfect stoned video game experience is tough. The game that will suit your high depends on a number of factors. Are you playing in a group? Do you like RPGs? What kind of weed are you smoking? Do you prefer light fantasy or dark reality? There are so many more questions but instead, we will just have a look at some of the games that people generally love to play while high as well as some personal favourites. Hopefully, we will be able to find something that suits you down to the ground. 


Spyro The Dragon


Ok, this is definitely a personal favourite, especially as you can get all three remastered on the PlayStation now. I have always been a huge Spyro fan but when you’re high all those beautiful backgrounds, weird characters and bizarre adventures are just amazing. Sure occasionally you will run across one of those old school puzzles that you can barely solve when sober. But the great thing is most of them can just be left until the next day while you run off and go diving through crystal waters to help some seals. Then maybe spend about 40 minutes riding around on the manta ray just because it’s super fun. Also when you get into the 3rd game and you get to be the kangaroo, the jumping mechanic is probably the very best thing you can do while high. 


Mario Party


The ultimate high group game, I recently played with my sister and her boyfriend for the first time and I loved it. We played through once sober and then once slightly less so and I have to say the second time was hilarious. Three stoned people trying to flip little stake cubes or heard penguins is automatically a super good time. Not only is it great fun to play together but it is colourful, funny and just simple enough that it isn’t frustrating. I would recommend playing with two other people so that the fourth character is an NPC that you can all gang up on. It stops the game from getting too aggressive while your brain is just trying to enjoy itself. This is my ultimate group experience recommendation if you want to just have the most fun you’ve ever had. 




Ok hear me out, I chose this famously controversial game not because the main character does ultra attacks that take her clothes off. I genuinely love the mechanics of this game, I think the fighting style is one of the most fun and fluid I’ve ever played. I love how you don’t just end up button mashing but feel like a real badass ninja just doing all the right things at the right time. The game itself is also beautifully made and the fantasy backgrounds are awesome to view and explore. I must say that I love the bad guys in it and found the strange angel domme’s with their sexy wooden horse death to be extremely funny. Obviously, this game isn’t for anyone and yes it is pretty sexist but as a woman playing it, I found it more hilarious than offensive. Definitely a fun game if you want to feel like you’re really in charge of the fighting. 


Goat Simulator


I mean, you get to be a goat. I’m not completely sure if there has ever been a game more appropriate for high people. I don’t know what else to say about this one. You’re a goat, you make mischief, like a goat might but more insane. Also, physics and the laws thereof don’t really come into it. 




This is a recommendation straight from me. I recently purchased a Nintendo switch and my sister recommended I get this game. It is one of the prettiest games I have ever played as well as just being beautifully written. It seems like it might be for children but the incredibly intense characters and occasional swearing plus the wealth of DnD references quickly puts that idea to rest. If you just want a stoned chill session doing a mix of looking after spirits, crops and doing quests this is definitely the game for you. 


Yakuza 0


What’s that? You want to be a terrifying yakuza gang member, do some fighting, some killing, maybe run a real estate agency with a chicken named Nugget as a manager? No worries, Yakuza 0 is just one of the many amazing Yakuza games that bring together intense storylines, amazing fighting styles, and complete nonsense. If you don’t feel like doing badass gang member stuff you can always go and try to find your perfect phone date or help a child get a toy out of a game machine. I think this game has literally everything you could possibly want. As soon as you feel like getting back into some real storyline the game gets very serious and the plot becomes intense and impressive. Then right back to helping a teenage girl get out of selling her knickers on the street. 


Animal Crossing


This list wouldn’t be complete without the ultimate chill-out game. Animal Crossing is a real-time village builder where your little character helps the island and its inhabitants grow and expand. You fluff around a lovely little island with your animal friends shaking trees to get fruit and catching fish. Occasionally you’ll need to collect specific items, help a seagull sailor washed up on the beach, or build new properties for your new neighbours. If you like you can even hop on a plane and visit other people’s islands or go and buy yourself some random items for your house. It is just the most chill game to get stoned with, especially if you pair it with a nice background cartoon. There is nothing more relaxing on a Sunday morning than looking after your little buddies while your brain half listens to a well-watched episode of Adventure Time. Don’t forget your snuggly blanket and favourite snacks.


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