The Best Snacks For The Munchies

The Best Snacks For The Munchies

The Best Snacks For The Munchies


The munchies are a staple part of smoking weed, and honestly one of the best parts as far as I’m concerned. Of course, there are certain snacks our brains jump straight to when we are smoking. There are the obvious salty, cheesy, sweet and generally delicious things that our high mind will lead us to in the supermarket. However, we don’t need to limit ourselves to the classics. Sure they are important and there will be more than a few of them involved in this list. But we are also going to look into some non-traditional and even healthy snacks that you can indulge in when the munchies take you. This is especially helpful if you are a regular smoker with a low metabolism like some writers I could name. 




I’m going to start with an absolute classic staple of the munchies. Cereal is a fantastic option because it is cheap, plentiful and there is so much variety that you could change types every time you smoke and not repeat yourself for a long time. Obviously, the best ones are the flavourful sugar cereals that are coated in chocolate or honey flavouring. This is partly because you get the amazing flavoured milk afterwards which is essentially the nectar of the gods. Having a variety of cereals and milk, including milk substitutes, in the house if you are having any kind of smoking social event is an absolute must. Also, the perfect accompaniment to a Sunday morning wake and bake with some classic cartoons. 


Home Made Pop-Corn 


This is one of the healthier options and it suits the munchies down to the ground. A lot of the time when high hungry the body is looking for texture and moreishness as much as it is flavour. If you buy kernels and pop your own corn the calorie count is extremely low. You can put a little butter on it or salt or sugar without massively increasing the fat factor. It is also very cheap to get a massive pack of kernels that will make several people’s worth of popcorn and then some. They are a great base or background snack to go with other bits and pieces or will work well on their own. Personally salted popcorn with chocolate mixed in is an absolute favourite, although it definitely removes the low-calorie aspect of the snack. 




Again this one should go without saying but it is one of the best high foods around. The combination of crust, sauce, cheese and toppings gives your body everything it needs in both flavour and mixed textures. It is also one of the most versatile foods as it can suit every type of person. Especially now that vegan and gluten-free pizza has come such a long way. You can do a mass order from most pizza shops and find everything you need. It’s also a great idea to keep a few freezer pizzas in the house just in case of hunger hitting. 


Game Chips 


Many of you may not have heard of these bad boys before but they are one of the best high snacks. Game chips are a UK staple that was created specifically to go with game meat. They are extremely easy to make, healthy and insanely tasty. All you need to do is cut a potato into slices end to end to make half-inch thick circles. Par-boil them for 5 minutes then toss them in olive oil, salt, pepper and anything else you may want. I sometimes like to throw a little smoked paprika in there. Spread them out on a baking tray and pop them in the oven at 180 C for about 40 minutes. You will get these deliciously crispy and fluffy potato disks that will blow your mind. Of course, you can put them with something or dip them in things but honestly, I love them just as they are. 




If you can get a really good burrito from somewhere it is definitely one of the best high snacks available. When you have the munchies there is nothing more enjoyable than a cacophony of flavours and textures that you can really appreciate. The sensitivity of the tastebuds just skyrockets and the very best thing for that is a well-made burrito. I would recommend plenty of cheese, sour cream and a good amount of spice if you really want to enjoy all the different flavours. 


Fresh Fruit


This one is honestly not for me but when doing research I saw that a lot of people love fresh fruit when they are high. It does also do a great job of keeping you hydrated while being a light and healthy snack. I suppose the combination of textures, juiciness and flavours are extremely enjoyable during the munchies. One that has been highly recommended is chopping up watermelon and refrigerating it if you are getting stoned on a warm day. I have to say even as a person that hates fruit, that does sound pretty good. 




However it comes chocolate is one of the best things to eat while stoned for its chemical properties. Chocolate releases endorphins which is why it is sometimes called an aphrodisiac. I would recommend chocolate mousse or cheesecake, maybe even ice cream. There is something about that smooth lightness when you are stoned that is just heavenly. This is probably because dry mouth can be so very present when you’re smoking and smoother textures are just more pleasant on the pallet. Chocolate will only improve the feeling of your high and introduce some lovely chemicals of its own. I would highly recommend switching between chocolate and something savoury or salty if you want your tastebuds to have a bit of a roller coaster. Also not a bad idea if you and your partner are smoking something that tends to get you in the mood. Chocolate can only improve things in that department. 


Whatever snacks you love best when you’re getting high, please remember to stay hydrated! Loads of water is the key to having a pleasant experience and enjoying the munchies.


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