Best Strains For Moving House

Best Strains For Moving House

Best Strains For Moving House


Moving house can be incredibly stressful, irritating, exciting, expensive, and a variety of other things. Especially during this ongoing pandemic, rising house prices, and a ridiculously competitive market. If you hadn’t realised by now I use a lot of my own life to write articles, and yes right now I’m trying to move. Not only are we facing the stress of finding a new property to move all of our worldly possessions into but the market has changed. Just now my flatmate and I were discussing how the attitude of letting agencies has changed. When we were once to be courted by agencies who wanted us to rent these properties now the market is so flooded that we are little more than an inconvenience. In a world where everything is for sale, nothing is for rent, and if you make less than 20 grand a year you can essentially jump up yourself, let’s have a look at a few strains that can ease the pain. 


Laughing Buddha


Let’s start with something that will put a little bit of pep in your step. Laughing Buddha is a great strain for those days where you just feel like giving up. Its effects are happy, uplifting and energetic. Whether you’re taking a little time off to enjoy some recreational nonsense or you just need the energy to send out 40 more emails Laughing Buddha can be a real help during house hunting. Laughing Buddha is also an award winner and took 3rd prize at the cannabis cup in 2003. It has a THC level of 22% so it can be pretty powerful, if you are using it to help you look for flats maybe don’t go overboard or you’ll suddenly just be ordering pizza and watching youtube videos. This strain has a flowering time of 70 – 75 days and grows well indoors or in a greenhouse. 


Blue Dream


Now for something a little more relaxing for the evening after a long day of scrolling through letting sites. This strain is also cerebral and energetic with a lovely soft relaxation. If you have other stuff going on, other work to do, a current flat to clean, things to pack, this is a great strain. It will let you disconnect from the helter-skelter world of real estate and get on with your life. You might be doing this for a few months so you will definitely benefit from a little relaxation help. This strain has a high THC level of 25% so can be pretty powerful, if you want to stay active take it easy but if you want to have just a lovely evening chill session please go for it, by all means. This strain has a flowering time of 65 – 70 days and can be grown indoors or outdoors. 


Pink Kush


Pink Kush is for those of you who struggle to sleep when you’re dealing with something stressful. I know I’ve been lying awake some nights thinking about whether we can go for unfurnished, how our rent overlaps are going to work and if we are going to find a gas hob. That one sounds stupid but I hate electric hobs and I just miss gas ones so much. Anyway, Pink Kush is a fantastic nighttime strain. It is sleepy and relaxing, perfect for a long bath at the end of a hard day then a night of deep and dreamless sleep. She is perfect for anyone who is struggling with insomnia. This strain is often used for sexual activity since it can enhance sensitivity. To be fair there is little more relaxing than the kind of sleep that comes after an intense O. This strain has a flowering time of 55 – 65 days and grows well indoors or outdoors. 


Purple Punch 


Sticking with the colour theme we have Purple Punch, a euphoric, happy and relaxing strain. If you are just trying to take the day off everything, no work, no searching for a flat, no cleaning, just a full day of lying on the couch watching your favourite films. This strain is fantastic for stress and is regularly recommended by doctors to those who suffer from intense anxiety or regular issues with chronic stress. Her THC level is a little lower than some of the others on this list, around 18%. This means she will give you a very decent and potent hit without completely knocking you out. Purple Punch has a flowering time of 50 – 60 days and can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. 


Green Crack


Unfortunately, you may also need something that isn’t all about relaxation. Sometimes you need help just focusing on the task at hand. If you want to sit down and do a big search through every website, letting agency and gumtree add then Green Crack is a fantastic study aid. The effect is cerebral and stimulating so will also help you keep a sharp eye for hidden issues like single second bedrooms or extremely expensive council tax. It could also give you the confidence to call and actually speak to a letting agent. The email queues can be insane if you’re trying to get a viewing. Green Crack has a flowering time of 58 – 65 days and can be grown indoors or outdoors. 


Harlequin CBD


Finally, let’s have a look at a nice soft strain that is great for the brain. Harlequin CBD is extremely calming, relaxing and soothing. It has a THC to CBD ratio of 1:1, both sit at around 5 – 6%. This stain is popular with medicinal users and is often prescribed to those suffering from anxiety, insomnia, Multiple Sclerosis, stress, PTSD and a range of other issues. So this is a great strain to use while house hunting and when you’re actually moving. Its low THC level means it isn’t massively psychoactive and will let you stay on top of whatever you’re doing. It can also help you chill out at the end of the day and can help a stressed brain get off to sleep. This strain has a flowering time of 56 – 65 days and can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. 


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