Ace Seeds Giveaway And Promo – Win a 9-pack of Fems – 5 prizes




A famous short blonde-haired philosopher once said ‘And we can’t stop (whoa) and we won’t stop (whoa)’. And that’s kind of our motto, mostly when it comes to promos and giveaways.


First things first, the discount code. If you buy any Ace Seeds pack and then you use the code ‘Ace10‘ (only valid until 24th June 2021) you will get a 10% off your whole order. That’s right, every single item in your cart. But that’s not all


Our good friends from Ace Seeds provided us with some quality stuff to be shared with you. And that’s what we are going to do now. We have some good Bangi Haze Fems asking to be shared with some lucky ones. And you can be one of those, of course.


A total of 5 prizes consisting of 9-packs of Bangi Haze Fems by Ace Seeds to be raffled. Definitely, an Ace up my sleeve that no one saw it coming. Do you want to know more? Scroll down and find the bases for this giveaway!




Mark Twomey


Salvatore Scandale

Pat C



About Ace Seeds

Ace Seeds

Ace Seeds, based in Spain, is dedicated to conservation. By cultivating unique and pure genetics, Ace is trying to counter the depression that some strains are suffering from.

Ace Seeds lists the elimination of natural habitats, war, the disappearance of ancestral cultures, genetic contamination, globalisation and laws prohibiting research as factors for the disappearance of pure strains.

By using their extensive global ‘library’ of Sativa strains, Ace Seeds aims to preserve the highest possible quality of genetics. Ace Seeds was born as a group of breeders and cannabis lovers dedicated to the preservation and study of terrestrial strains from all over the world.

Seeds began to be distributed as an established seed company in 2004-2005.


About Bangi Haze

Ace Seeds Banghai Haze Regular Seeds

Bangi Haze Feminised by Ace Seeds is a hybrid cross between a female Congolese and a male Nepalese. It has a history of inbreeding and back-crossing that is generations long. It is also a fast-flowering, easy-to-grow strain, particularly in its feminised form.

The aroma of Bangi Haze is a pleasing mixture of spice and sweetness that fits perfectly with its signature taste. Its effects are potent but also mellow.

The plants grow to a compact and manageable size and shape and thrive well indoors as well as out. The results are equally impressive when grown in either soil or hydro setups.


How to Win

Tell us about your experience with Ace Seeds and/or what would you do with these beauties!



  • Winners to be Announced Thursday 24th June 2021
  • The code ‘Ace10’ will be valid until Thursday 24th June 2021
  • Prizes are picked at random – each winner will be allocated 9 seeds
  • Social Media or Forums Entries Don’t Count
  • One entry per person. Double entries will not be counted and you will be banned from entering future promos if you’re found to be using multiple emails to enter
  • Entries are verified first so your entry may not show up for 24-48 hours
  • We will share the news on our social media pages. Winners will also be emailed directly and your details will remain discreet. We will only publish your name on the blog that is supplied with the entry
  • Prizes must be claimed within 28 days or they will be put into the pot for a future promo
  • The draw will be random and the results are final
  • Have fun


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Remember: It is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in many countries including the UK.  It is our duty to inform you of this fact and to urge you to obey all of your local laws to the letter.  The Vault only ever sells or sends out seeds for souvenir, collection or novelty purposes.


Legal Disclaimer: The competition winners will have their prizes sent to them via recorded delivery.  If you win the competition but don’t receive your prize, we cannot resend competition prizes, so you’ll have to raise this with your local delivery service (In the UK, for example, this would be Royal Mail).


290 thoughts on “Ace Seeds Giveaway And Promo – Win a 9-pack of Fems – 5 prizes

  1. Would love to try these beautiful beans. Looking for something fantastic like this !!! Sounds like the medicine I need.

  2. My best friend grew malawai a few years back- definitely would love the chance to grow some Banghi!!!!

  3. As a true child of the 60’s i feel that I’m now old enough to ask for a return to old fashioned values, I’m sure these seeds would help.
    Love & Peace

  4. I have a single seed from Ace – a fem Eidepurt/ (strawberry in Dutch,) i think .?!
    I would grow these seeds asap if i won some ..!
    Good luck everyone. !


  5. New company to me.
    Congo and Nepal combined sounds super duper.
    You really need to ask what would I do with it ?

  6. From what iv read, sounds like there doing a good job,, keep it up Ace would love one to add to my collection…

  7. Mmm, a female Congolese and male Nepalese certainly sounds delicious and no doubt would have an amazing hit from it. I would love to be a proud owner of this strain. Never tried any of Ace seeds but have heard lots of good things about their strains and Bangi haze definitely sounds like a keeper with it’s old school lineage

  8. Ace seeds provide a quality product that always serves up a pleasurable relaxing experience supported with fabulous service & customer care. You can put your faith in Ace, you won’t be disappointed.

  9. I havnt had the pleasure to grow anything from ace seeds yet,but this variety looks like a joy to grow.I had grown a nepalese hindu kush for almost ten yearsbackcrossing and such and was very happy with the results.

  10. If this is as good as the Ace seeds I’ve grown in the past. You better get yourself some. Ace is top shelf.

  11. THanks for giveaway! ACE has proven to be one of the best and only pure Sativa hybrids and source for quality landraces aswell. Bangi haze has been on the list for awhile and the speedy maturing with clearheaded uplifting effects will likley stay awhile in the stable! All the way from ICMAG. Cheeers!

  12. I would love to have this to add to my collection. I have not had any experience with Ace seeds up til now. I started my first grow outdoors in ’74 with seeds sorted out of a bag of Mexican brick weed, rabbit manure for fertilizer (I raised them), and water from the garden hose. As time went by, eventually I was growing some decent skunk. And I remember all the old strains we started with. Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, Columbian, Thai Stick. I really loved the old Blonde Lebanese hash, the Black African hash was good as well. I could kick myself for not saving any seeds from those Original landrace cultivars. We all just bred for potency and increased yields. I have been working to collect some of the old stuff but it’s hard to find anything that hasn’t been totally changed. I’m no longer interested in the high THC like when I will young. I can’t travel the world, and I am on a fixed income so winning this would be awesome

  13. Cant go wrong with some Ace genetics, always a treat. Would love to grow and try some Bangi Haze and see how much it helps my wife through her cancer treatments, always on the hunt for a hidden gem to experiment with. <3

  14. Lol I would love to try some beans ok but just like anytime I enter one of this no luck but if I won I would give you a full feed back on all the bean with picture and video if I won

  15. This would be my 1st grow and your details have been passed onto me. My hubby will help me and I will make a blog of all the stages and how good they are.

  16. Did Kali China a few years back, fantastic. I’m twice the grower I was then, would love a crack at these.. pun intended.

  17. We never had the pleasure.
    If we were chosen. We be sure pleased to grow these. With tender loving care. I cannot take pain medications. Only pain relief.
    I nicked named it “Dragon”

  18. Have done a few form ace seed. Very good germination rate. Nice big seeds. It’s Always good to keep a small collection.

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