Dry Herb Vaporizer: A Great Choice for Smokers




If you’re a smoker who has been struggling to give up the habit of how to smoke hash for years, the chances are that you’ve not heard about vaping. And if you have, you probably encountered so much conflicting information that you were left wondering whether turning to vape was a great idea in the first place.


Vaping has always been marketed as a safer, more convenient, and even cheaper alternative to cigarette smoking. These claims are mostly factual, considering that vaping doesn’t result in smoke production.


But if you’re new to the whole vaping concept, there’s a lot to know before joining in on smoktech coils. This article shall focus on a dry herb vaporizer’s role as a smoking cessation aid, but first things first.


More About Vaping


Vaping refers to consuming herbal extracts using a particular device known as an electronic cigarette (e-cig), vaporizer, or simply a vape device.


There are various types of herbal products that you can vape. However, the most common ones come in the form of liquids. These liquids go by numerous names, including vape juices, vape oils, e-juices, or e-liquids.


Besides vape juices, vape products might also come in the form of dry herbs or wax concentrates.


How Do Dry Herb Vaporizers Compare To Traditional Cigarettes?


The fundamental difference between vaping (from a dry herb vaporizer or liquid-based cartridges) and smoking is that smoking involves combustion and smoke production, whereas vaping does not. Since there’s no smoke production in vaping, a vaper inhales cleaner vapor than the smoke inhaled by a smoker, which usually contains toxic compounds like carbon monoxide and heavy metals.  


Vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes, depending on their design and intended use.


In terms of design, we have portable and stationary vaporizers. Portable vaporizers are small hand-held e-cigarettes that you can carry with you wherever you go. These vaporizers usually come with rechargeable batteries and feature sleek, pocket-size constructions. 


Stationary vape devices are bulkier vaporizers intended for use at designated places. Although some stationary e-cigs also come with rechargeable batteries, many of them usually feature built-in batteries. 


In terms of a vaporizer’s intended use, the most common types are liquid cartridges and dry herb vaporizers. Liquid cartridges are used to consume e-juices, whereas dry herb vaporizers are perfect for vaping dried herbal extracts.


On the other hand, CBD oil doesn’t have to be expensive, some brands have a product that provides an average dose of 25mg of CBD for approximately one dollar. 


Dry Herb Vaporizers Can Help to Manage Smoking Cues


Many smokers who are struggling to give up the habit just cannot control their urges whenever exposed to cigarette and smoking cues. What makes the situation even worse is that cigarette cues are all over the place, from television commercials promoting tobacco brands to social media posts portraying recreational smokers blissfully enjoying their puffs. You might even have that one smoking relative or friend whom you must encounter daily.


With all these cues around you, it’s usually a matter of time before you relapse.


However, dry herb vaporizers can go a long way in preventing relapse as these e-cigs are associated with positive cues. Note that both a dry herb vaporizer and the traditional cigarette use herbal extracts. The difference is usually the composition of the products. While most traditional cigarettes contain tobacco, dry herb vaporizers are typically used to vape cannabis, kratom, various teas, and other healthier herbal extracts.


So, a smoker who’s trying to quit tobacco use may be motivated to use a dry herb vaporizer even if they don’t necessarily end up vaping nicotine-containing herbs. The mere sight of dry herbs triggers their interest in cigarettes. But instead of looking for a cigarette to smoke, the person would find it more convenient to vape the readily available dry herbs.


Dry Herb Vaporizers Allow You to Consume Nicotine in Moderation


Nicotine is the biggest issue with tobacco use. The substance has been linked to many chronic conditions, including respiratory distress and heart disease.


What makes nicotine even more deadly is its worrying levels of addiction and dependency. That explains why heavy smokers trying to quit tobacco use often experience the worst withdrawal symptoms. But here’s the worst part – cigarettes usually come with predetermined nicotine doses. This means that a smoker has no choice but to consume the entire quantity of nicotine in each cigarette roll, even if they’d prefer lower nicotine doses.


Fortunately, most dry herbs, mainly commercially processed herbs, usually contain varying nicotine strengths. As such, vapers get to choose their preferred nicotine doses. That unique advantage can help you determine how much nicotine goes into your system, ultimately helping you quit smoking.


For instance, let’s assume that you’re used to smoking about 50 mg of nicotine per day.


After turning to dry herb vaping, you can begin by consuming products formulated with 50 mg of nicotine for the first few days. As time goes by, you can easily dose down to 40 mg of nicotine, then 30 mg, 20 mg, etc.


By gradually reducing your daily nicotine, dry herb vaporizers allow you to wean off the substance from your system without suffering severe withdrawal symptoms. On a long enough timeline, you’ll be able to consume low nicotine levels or, better yet, nicotine-free herbs.


Additional Benefits


It’s reassuring to note that dry herb vaporizers still come with a fast onset time in addition to all the above benefits. Whether you’re vaping for medical or recreational purposes, you’ll usually feel the effects within 5 to 30 minutes.


Also, dry herb e-cigs deliver higher bioavailability. Simply put, more of the inhaled compounds get into your system compared to the total amount vaped. The bioavailability of dry herb vaporizers can be as high as 75%.


Of course, smoking also comes with a fast onset time and high bioavailability. But considering the risks involved, you’re better off vaping dry herbs.


The following are other notable benefits of dry herbs;

  •       The inhaled compounds are usually cleaner, hence more potent
  •       You can determine how strong or weak the throat hit is
  •       You experience much richer flavors


The Bottom Line


Dry herb vaporizers can serve as useful smoking cessation aids since they allow smokers to wean off nicotine from their system gradually. Besides, vaping dry herbs is safer than smoking as there’s no smoke production involved, which reduces the risks of exposure to toxic gases and heavy metals. However, remember that dry herb vaporizers are not 100% safe either. For instance, there are risks of explosions to beware of. Not to mention throat irritation and chronic respiratory illnesses. That underscores the importance of vaping in moderation.


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